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Supercar Details Gallery

We’ve compiled our favorite detail shots of our supercars. Enjoy the unchanging perfection of the lines, subtleties, and design while taking a break from your work today.                  All photographs…

Ferrari Celebrates 70 years of being Super Fast

ferrari 812 superfast 70 anniversary featured image

70th Anniversary Ferraris on display in Geneva.  This March (2017), marks the 70th anniversary of one of Italy’s most prestigious sports car manufacturer, Ferrari. Within the past seven decades, Ferrari has gone from a leader in motorsports to…

Watch: Time-lapse Ferrari 488 GTB Painting

image alex gabrian ferrari 488 gtb painting

Who wouldn’t hang-up this Ferrari painting in their home? If you hang around enough car guys/gals, you’ll quickly learn that their home decor usually consists of photos, paintings and models of their favorite cars. Typically, these take…

Ferrari Resurrects the F12, keeps V12’s ALIVE!


There’s a new FR Ferrari, and it goes by the name of F12 TdF “The latest Prancing Horse recalls the legendary Tour de France (for automobiles, not bicycles) that Ferrari dominated nine years running from…

Featured Customer Drive – September: Ferrari 458 at NOLA

image ferrari 458 italia xtreme xperience featured drive

Check out this In-Car Video from our Ferrari 458 at NOLA We always enjoy showing our customer some love when they post their Supercar Track Xperiences on YouTube and Facebook. Not only are the looks on their faces…

Track Tested: 2015 Lamborghini Huracán

photo thumbnail lamborghini huracan featured image

A short time ago, I left you with my impressions of the Porsche 911 GT3. Even now, I am still in love with that car (Tiffany…call me). However, love is blind and everyone’s a critic….

Top Gear’s James May Reviews the Ferrari 488GTB

photo ferrari 488 gtb and 458 italia

Just a few months ago, Ferrari revealed a replacement for the 458 Italia, known as the 488 GTB. If you are unfamiliar with the updated Italian berlinetta, check out our earlier blog on the 488 – here….

The House that Enzo Ferrari Built

the house enzo ferrari built featured image

Enzo Ferrari’s secret to becoming a legend – Beat everyone at everything!  Enzo Ferrari’s storied past will likely continue to be shared, way beyond our time. Because of this, we recently commemorated Enzo’s greatest achievements,…

Meet The Ferrari Owner Everyone Loves To Hate

“Success comes to those who work for it.” That’s what the latest Car Bros. video says about Damien Stonebrook, and it’s spot-on accurate. He grew up around exotic cars thanks to his rich Cinemax director…

9 Facts About Enzo Ferrari You Never Knew

photo of young enzo ferrari driving with ferrari logo

One of the Greatest Minds in The Automotive Industry    There’s a pretty good chance that most American’s – car fans or not – won’t know anything about Ferrari’s founding father, Enzo. There’s an even…

Can Ferrari Really Replace The 458 Italia?

photo ferrari 488 gtb blog image

Ferrari set to reveal 488 GTB, as a replacement for the 458 Italia. Newly released spy photos from Maranello, Italy, suggested that a turbocharged 458 was in the works. Ferrari says ‘fuggedaboutit!’, and announces a newly designed…

Say hello to our most XTREME fleet yet

photo of xtreme xperience supercars 2015

2015 just got even more Xtreme! Despite having recently added two flagship cars (Porsche 911 GT3 and Audi R8 V10) to our lineup, we were left stunned when taking delivery of two Lamborghini Huracáns. As of…

Hypercar? Ferrari says FXXK it!

Ferrari cooks up a track monster, releasing the 1000+ hp LaFerrari FXXK We’ll try to keep expletives to a minimum (but we can’t promise anything), as another rendition of the LaFerrari was just revealed, and it…

Best Spoilers of the past 50 years

Spoilers never hurt anyone, except movie-goers. Whale tail, duck tail, wing – whatever you want to call it it’s a spoiler, a vital part of a sports car to increase downforce and add some flare….

Entering a Golden Age of Cars

Supercars aren’t just insane works of art and engineering, but change the face of the car industry for years to come. Every year we see new concept cars released that unfortunately never seem to get…