Top Gear’s James May Reviews the Ferrari 488GTB


Just a few months ago, Ferrari revealed a replacement for the 458 Italia, known as the 488 GTB. If you are unfamiliar with the updated Italian berlinetta, check out our earlier blog on the 488 – here. What is the first and noticeable change? Well, of course they’ve given the 488 GTB a facelift, but what’s better than that? The TURBOS strapped to a Ferrari’s V8 engine!

Photo front of Ferrari 488 GTB

Since we do not have the luxury of walking into Ferrari’s factory and asking our own questions about the successor to one of the most amazing cars we’ve ever driven around a racetrack, we’ll have to rely on the lucky reviewers of the web. Speaking of, if you’ve been living under a rock, it may come as news to you that the Top Gear gang has been ripped off air, due to some network discrepancies (ehh hmm, Jeremy Clarkson). Luckily for all of us, a lot of news has surfaced regarding their future plans to bring the band back together under a new stage name. As that whole process irons itself out, we’ve been wondering what the boys have been working on. Just as we expected, they have been reviewing cars to stay in form.

Photo front of Ferrari 488 GTB

Photo engine of Ferrari 488 GTB

Captain slow (James May) recently had the chance to provide the car universe with his two cents on the all new Ferrari 488 GTB. Thankfully, he was able to answer a few of the lingering questions we’ve been asking, and probably a few you’ve wondered about as well.

So, what do you think? Does the 488 GTB stand to replace the 458 Italia, or will it be something that is just new and improved, but not enough to dethrone the king?

(hat tip: car throttle)

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