Featured Customer Drive – October: Ferrari 458 at Summit Point


Check out this In-Car Video from our Ferrari 458 at Summit Point Raceway

This is our second featured video of a customer’s Xtreme Xperience drive, that we discovered on YouTube. We have to say, ‘hat’s off to Brian’, as he executed one helluva a drive at Summit Point Raceway this September. We attempt to interact with each participant whose video post we come across on YouTube, and in some cases, we are downright impressed with the driving skills of our customers, making us want to highlight them on our blog; and we’re here to do just that!

In this case, we chatted with Brian after seeing his Ferrari 458 drive and a few other video posts on his channel. We noticed he has some additional high-speed experience, and mentions that he’s been to “another” driving experience prior to ours (as noted in the video description). Well, we particularly like said video description – but hey we’re a little biased – and thought that this would make a great feature on our blog this month.

We’re not joking, this is really the Nation’s Premier Driving Experience.

image of video description screenshot Brian D

Video Description is on Point!

HD In-Car Video in Xtreme’s Ferrari 458 Italia at Summit Point

Thanks for letting us feature this video, Brian! Way to grab the reins of the Italian Stallion’s RWD V8, and show that Ferrari who’s boss! How do you feel about his run? Send him and our instructor some tips and comments, below.

If you like Brian’s driving, visit his channel HERE, and give him a like on his video.

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