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Get Your Group Behind the Wheel of Exotic Cars On a Real Racetrack

Xtreme Xperience is the ultimate venue for corporate outings and parties! Whether you’re looking to entertain clients, engage prospects, host a company retreat, or have an unforgettable bachelor party, getting behind the wheel of the world’s most exclusive supercars on real racetracks is guaranteed to create a lasting impression. With outings ranging from 1 to 8 hours and optional catering and meeting space to enhance your experience, you’ll have plenty of time for networking, presenting, socializing, and of course, DRIVING!


“What I think is really great about this type of experience is it takes you out of the office. You can laugh and joke, and be more of who you are.”

– Amcor Participant

“We’re trying to really propel our growth, and we call it turbocharging growth. Xtreme Xperience really coincided with that theme, going fast and accelerating growth, so that’s why we’re here!”

– Patrick Dedoyard, VP Sales & Marketing, Amcor

“Car racing is a passionate pastime in some parts of the U.S. So depending on where you are, planning a B2B event at the speedway is a natural choice....if you’re hoping to impress a very important client, maybe shift gears and treat them to a luxury-car racing experience like Xtreme Xperience, with a permanent location in New Orleans.”

– Kirsten Fulton, Banzai Solutions

Why Xtreme Xperience?

  • Entertaining

    Whether people are driving, riding with a pro,or watching, they are sure to be interested & engaged. Impress and engage clients with more than another golf outing.

  • Stress Free

    Drive stress away by letting us handle the logistics of location, food, schedule, & everything between.

  • Motivating

    There is nothing more motivating than getting behind the wheel of a 420+ horsepower and being told to “go-go-go!” Amp your employees’ need for speed & their desire to push themselves further.

  • Unforgettable

    Be the talk of the water cooler for the next 6 months. Be the corporate party planner everyone strives to top (but can’t!).

  • Relationship Building

    Find common ground; whether you are talking about the cars, the adrenaline of driving or riding along, or how good you look next to a Ferrari, you are sure to strike up new conversations with colleagues.

  • Exclusive

    Make your group feel extraordinary as you do something that most will only dream of. The keys to the world's best cars are now accessible to you!

Package Options

Tour Locations

We schedule 50 Supercar Xperience tour stops in 35 major markets annually. Join us to host a memorable group outing at a racetrack near you! Our event team offers turn-key solutions for your field marketing events, corporate outings and private events.

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Custom Events

From custom-tailored driving experiences to product launches and corporate entertainment, Xtreme Xperience can leverage our world-class event planning and logistics capabilities along with our supercar fleet, equipment, event staff and driving instructors to make your wildest ideas a reality.

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While we schedule tour stops in 35 markets annually, you can utilize our network of racetrack relationships to host your event at virtually any racetrack across the US for a white glove event. We can also transform virtually any large parking lot into a fun and challenging autocross or skills course for events and outings.

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Adjust your party options to receive custom pricing

# of Guests

  • 0
  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • 50
  • 60+

# of Xperiences per Guest

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5+

Time to make this gathering happen!

A day at the track with your close group sounds awesome, let us help you make it happen.

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Meeting Space

Meeting Space

We can create accommodations for you and your guests to host presentations, catered meals, or anything else you need.



Enjoy buffet-style catering that will bring your guests to the table to bond over a hot meal before their experience.

Video Package

Video Package

Give your guests the ultimate bragging tool with our in-car video packages. They'll never forget who gave them the experience!

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Take advantage of our custom branding packages that give your attendees the full white-glove brand experience.

Your Day at the Racetrack


Step 1

When guests arrive on property, they will follow the a-frames and flags to park and walk over to the check-in trailer. All guests must check-in first with Xtreme Xperience. During check-in, guests sign two waivers and provide a valid driver’s license to XX staff. Check-in time window is between 15 to 30 minutes.

Group Space

Step 2

After checking-in with Xtreme Xperience guests are directed to the hosting company’s private meeting space. Depending on the racetrack, your space will either be a garage, event center classroom, tower suite or hospitality tent. Each space comes with tables, chairs, linens, and AV for any presentation needs. The majority of groups use the space for either a sit-down meal and/or presentation to their guests. 1 Hour is standard but that can be easily adjusted.

Driver's Briefing

Step 3

All guests who plan to drive must attend the driver’s briefing. It covers everything from adjusting your seat in a Ferrari to how to drive smoothly in turn 7. The briefing takes 20 to 25 minutes. Once the briefing is complete guests will receive their driving credentials and head to pit lane.

Pit Lane

Step 4

In pit lane, guests will be given a head sock and directed to the line of the car they will be driving. Once at the front of the line the guest will be fitted with a helmet and directed to their SUPERCAR. Depending on the group’s package, guests may drive multiple times. Track time ranges from a ½ hour to 4 hours.

Check-Out & Network

Step 5

The last stop of the day for guests is back at the check-in trailer. Here guests will receive their printed photo(s) and can view a USB of their driving experience. This will conclude the outing unless more meeting time has been arranged in the private meeting space. Guests are free to stick around and network at their leisure.

Event Styles



Whether it's a bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday parties or whatever! Our team can create an event around your entertainment needs. The skies the limit!

Field Marketing

Field Marketing

Engage your prospects or clients before the experience. We offer 2-3.5 hour options with group spaces and options for catering and much more!

Entertain & Network

Entertain & Network

Meet with your clients, team, or prospects for a networking event that leads into a thrilling experience on track! We offer 2-3.5 hour long events that allow you to connect with your guests in a new and exciting way!

Product Launch

Product Launch

Leverage our world-class event planning and logistics capabilities along with our supercar fleet, equipment, event staff and driving instructors to make your wildest ideas a reality.

Tickets for Incentives & Gifting

Tickets for Incentives & Gifting

Say "thanks," "congrats" or "happy holidays" tickets. They choose their own location, cars, dates and times, giving each person an individualized voucher to be redeemed at any time.

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