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Pro Tips: Driving a Supercar at Palm Beach Intl Raceway
Xtreme Xperience event at Palm Beach Intl Raceway

Are you ready for your Supercar Track Xperience at Palm Beach Intl Raceway?  Escape the city and venture onto roads less traveled for an experience like no other. Off the east coast of Florida, 30 mins from downtown West Palm Beach, lies Palm Beach Intl Raceway. Take the wheel of your favorite exotic car for…

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Pro Tips: Driving a Supercar at GrandSport Speedway
Xtreme Xperience event at GrandSport Speedway

Are you ready for your Supercar Track Xperience at GrandSport Speedway?  It’s YOUR turn to drive one of our exotic cars on track in Houston, TX. Are you prepared to hit triple digit speeds at GranSport Speedway? Continue reading to learn how you can maximize your time at the track with Xtreme Xperience.    Here’s…

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Pro Tips: Driving A Supercar at Driveway Austin
Driveway Austin

Are you ready for your Supercar Track Xperience at Driveway Austin? Located just 10 minutes from downtown Austin, Driveway is a state-of-the-art motoring facility that brings a European style and flair to Central Texas. Former racer Bill Dollahite created this wonderful little track that has seen all types of drivers including 4-time F1 champion Sebastian…

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From the Garage: Where Will We Park in 2019?
new garage featured blog image

2019 will be a banner year for us at Xtreme Xperience. We will be doubling the number of the Track Xperiences we host by visiting more North American cities than ever!  With this many tour stops, Supercars have never been so accessible.  Have you heard the fleet’s doubling as well? Not only will we be…

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From the Garage: We’re going for it!

No marathon gets easier, and we’re in this for the long haul.  We now have over 40 events live for 2019. And to be honest, it’s a bit scary. This will be the most events we’ve ever scheduled to host in a single year. If you caught my letter last week then you already know…

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Whatever the Mind Can Conceive and Believe, the Mind Can Achieve

 I’d like to share something with you that could possibly be the most pivotal moment in Xtreme Xperience history. Join me back in 2016… These words begin Cameron Herold’s book, Double Double: How to Double Your Revenue and Profit in 3 Years or Less. Herold begins by outlining a concept called “Vivid Vision,” a detailed…

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Xtreme’s Anniversary – Sixth year, sixth gear!
6year anniversary featured image

It’s our anniversary! This year we’re turning six! As we approach the end of our fifth year at Xtreme Xperience, instead of slowing the pace, we’re putting the pedal to the metal! Our goals for 2019 are HUGE! The plans are to visit twice as many markets, double our fleet and much more (stay tuned). As our discussions…

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Your Xperience at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (CTMP)

Are you ready to Xperience a Supercar in Toronto?  Head about an hour passed The Queen City and you will find the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. The 900-acre facility is a former home to Formula 1 that has multiple configurations meant to challenge drivers of all skill levels. You will be able to test your…

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18 Facts About Our Supercars You Need To Know
featured image of xtreme xperience supercar garage

You may think you know exotic supercars, but you have no idea! Supercar manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, spend countless hours and dollars developing the lightest, fastest, and most technologically advanced products on the road. Allowing their vehicles to be marketable and appealing to car enthusiasts, big spenders, and everyone in between. What’s their goal?…

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Your Xperience at Dominion Raceway
xperience dominion blog featured image

Are you ready to Xperience a Supercar in Washington D.C.?  Located between Washington, D.C., and Richmond, VA is the all new motorsports complex known as Dominion Raceway. This racers’ amusement park features over 60 ft of elevation changes as you climb up, down and around 12 challenging turns. If it’s speed you’re after, you will…

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How to Say Thanks To Adventure Loving Moms
mothers day video featured image

Meet Meghan. The daughter of rally racing parents who wants to pay it forward this Mother’s Day.  Watch Meghan’s Story: How will you say thanks to your adventurous, car-loving mother on her favorite day of the year? Let us know in the comments below!  Does Your Mom Want to Xperience a Supercar? 

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Tune In Tuesday: Customer Xperience Edition!
corporate group nola 880x500 featured image blog

Your track-day videos inspired our 2018 vlogs Immediately following our Track Xperiences we jump on Youtube to hunt down what videos were shared from the weekend’s events. With so many thrill seekers arriving at the track with cameras in hand, we know we’re going to have an opportunity to see our Xperience from your point of view. …

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Our Achilles Heel Exposed. Can you guess what it is?
tune in tuesday vlog feature image achilles heal

With so many moving parts, is there any wonder why our uniqueness is also our weakness?  Tune In Tuesday: Find out what it is in this week’s vlog. Our mission is to make supercars accessible to everyone. That means eventually we will be visiting every state in the US, giving you the chance to…

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ICYMI: We ALMOST Missed Our First Event
xxtv vlog ep 5 stranded feat image

Our worst nightmare almost became REALITY! We loaded up the fleet of supercars and equipment trailer, sent them on their way to Phoenix, AZ and got ourselves ready take off behind them. After a good snooze, it was time to get to the airport to catch our flights. Pretty standard stuff, right?  Everything was all good…

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Can We Complete 50 Drives in One Hour?
nola 50 drive one hour vlog featured image

What’s the fastest way to get a group of fifty people all revved up and grinning from ear-to-ear? Join Reid, our Group Sales Manager, as he takes you behind the scenes of a customized private event at NOLA Motorsports Park in today’s Vlog episode.  WATCH – Vlog Episode 4: 50 Driving Xperiences in One Hour….

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You’re ready for the spring, how about your car?
gtr honest wash car wash feat image

It’s time to get your car ready for car meet and track season.  Hopefully, by now you can actually see your lawn and you can toss the snowblower back in the good ol’ shed. While you’re at it, grab your wash mitt and soap bucket. It’s that time of the year to get all that dust and…

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Cheap Helmets Suck. We Don’t Use Helmets That Suck.
helmet blog featured image

We only use SNELL approved helmets at our Xperience. Here’s why!   We want your noggin to be safe. Enough said.  At XX, we have a choice to err on the side of safety, or not. In all cases and in every scenario we choose to proceed with the safest option possible. Whether it’s the…

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Your Xperience At MSR Houston
xperience msr houston blog featured image

Are you ready to Xperience a Supercar at MSR Houston?  Believe it or not, MSR Houston was one of the first tracks that XX ever traveled to. With that said, the place has changed quite a bit and we couldn’t be more excited to return. Since it has been a few years, we will only be…

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Our Supercars Take on a Texas Sized Snowstorm
supercar snowstorm vlog feat image

It’s a showdown in the south! Will our supercars make it through a snowstorm?  On this week’s Vlog, we’re taking you behind the scenes of an epic battle with mother nature, as we host back-to-back events in the South. Join Stephen and the XX Road Crew, as we suit up for a snow-filled track day at…

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Drive the GT-R: The Lambo Eater is BACK!
2017 nissan gtr is back godzilla

This is the newer, meaner, faster GT-R you need to drive on track! We’ve re-added the Nissan GT-R to the fleet, mostly because we (you’re included) missed it. There was something about the presence of having an “it can take anything you throw at it” supercar in our fleet that we needed in our lives. …

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Do Exotic Cars Belong on a NASCAR track? Vlog Ep. 2
nascar exotic cars atl ams feat image

Tune-in-Tuesday is in full effect! We take on another famous NASCAR road course in the heart of the South. Join Alyssa, Joe, and Mikey as they attempt to find out if supercar drivers like the view from the infield of Atlanta Motor Speedway.  WATCH: We take on the tight winding infield of Atlanta Motor Speedway…

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