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Pro Tips: Driving a Supercar at Palm Beach Intl Raceway
Xtreme Xperience event at Palm Beach Intl Raceway

Are you ready for your Supercar Track Xperience at Palm Beach Intl Raceway?  Escape the city and venture onto roads less traveled for an experience like no other. Off the east coast of Florida, 30 mins from downtown West Palm Beach, lies Palm Beach Intl Raceway. Take the wheel of your favorite exotic car for…

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What’s the Catch?

What’s the catch? As a Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, it’s the question I get pretty much every time I tell someone that they can drive a $250,000 Lamborghini or Ferrari on a racetrack with no speed limits. So, in full transparency I’d like to show you a video of my Xperience and answer some common questions….

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Top Tips to Prepare for YOUR Xperience
Top Tips to Prepare for YOUR Xperience

Ok, first off I’m super excited for you to join us. If you’ve driven with us before that’s awesome, welcome back! If this is your first time that’s also awesome! Experiencing an exotic supercar for the first time can be a little overwhelming and a lot exciting at the same time. So don’t feel like you’re…

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Drive of The Week: Lambos Love Chasing Down The Lead Car
jack o lamborghini huracan dtw summit

Drive of The Week winner Jack O, chases our lead car in a Lamborghini Huracan. In this week’s selection of DTW, we found Jack O’s video posted in the comment section on Facebook. Luckily, we were able to track down his comment and give the video a quick watch. After glancing at Jack’s Youtube page, we…

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Pro Tips: Driving a Supercar at Atlanta Motor Speedway
atlanta motor speedway pro tip featured image

Are you ready for your Supercar Track Xperience at Atlanta Motor Speedway?  The Xtreme team invites you to join us at the heart of Georgia’s motorsports monument, Atlanta Motor Speedway. Home to NASCAR in the Peach State, this historic speedway has a multi-configuration infield ready to be carved through by a fleet of supercars. The…

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Your Xperience at Pittsburgh Intl Race Complex
Xtreme Xperience event at Pittsburgh Intl Race Complex

Are you ready to Xperience Pitt Race?  We’re headed to Steel City with heavy horsepower in tow, ready to give you a bucket list experience you’ll never forget. When you arrive, the buzz created from supercars flying by can be so mesmerizing, you might need a bit of guidance to help you get through the…

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Up To Speed with the Mitsubishi EVO

Have you ever wondered why we love our EVO’s so much?  Whether you have been to an XX event or not, there’s a good chance you have seen one of our track prepped Mitsubishi EVOs, tatted up with black and orange graphics. These little 4-bangers get solid gas mileage and still outpace 600hp Lamborghinis on…

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Drive of The Week: Jake rises to the occasion in Seattle
drive of the week lambo seattle jake z

Recently, we brought a fleet of exotic cars to all the way up to Seattle, WA. We wanted to see if any drivers were able to rise to the occasion and take on the challenging Pacific Raceways. This epic racetrack has several blind turns, loads of elevation changes, and our participant Jake grabbed the bull by…

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Tune In Tuesday: Celebrating 5 Xtreme Years!
xxtv 5yr nascar vlog feat image

Thousands of laps and hundreds of corners later, Xtreme turns five!  Although the adolescent days of Xtreme Xperience are far behind us, reaching 5 years is a major milestone and a cause for celebration. Typically, we gather the team together for some summer fun in Chicago (our home base). This year, we were told there…

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Your Xperience at Pacific Raceways – Kent, WA
Xtreme Xperience event at Pacific Raceways

Xtreme Visits the NW for the first time in 2017!  Our team is pumped up to get to Seattle, WA. After scouting the track with our team, we knew we had to make the trip, and luckily we’re on our way right now! After coordinating the event and finding out how our setup would work…

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Drive of The Week: Composure on the tight winding CMS
dtw acura nsx cms steven featured image

Conquering Charlotte Motor Speedway requires focus and tenacity, and Steven has it! We head back to the infield of Charlotte Motor Speedway for today’s Drive of The Week. Rightfully so. As this week’s DTW recipient Steven B had reached out to XX after our last DTW post, suggesting he should be considered. After sharing his videos…

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Tune in Tuesday: Summer Patios and Car Shows
xxtv ep 3 featured image tune in tuesday

In Chicago, there’s no better way to spend the summer than catching some rays on a patio or swinging by a car show/meet. In this week’s episode of XXTV, we do just that.  Join the XX crew as we grab pizza with the team on one of our favorite patios, and we head back to…

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Honor Roll 2017: Did we make the grade?
honor roll 2017 featured image

11 honors students of Wells Community Academy High School were selected to be part of Honor Roll 2017. Not only did we pull 6 supercars out of the garage, but 5 other students received helicopter rides to their first day of class at a local Chicago Public High School. We promised a first-class experience on their first…

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Making the Honor Roll Will Never Be the Same

What will happen next? Xtreme and The Annex team up for Honor Roll pt 2.   Last year we partnered with the creative team at The Annex who made a promise to a neighborhood high school. The promise was to inspire change in the way students at Wells Community Academy High School thought of education. If achieving…

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Drive of The Week: Acura NSX at Michigan Intl Speedway
drive of the week nsx mis featured image

Xtreme Xperience recently visited the historic Michigan International Speedway (MIS) near the heart of Motor City (Detroit, MI). MIS is one of NASCAR’s fastest tracks, and that fact holds true for Xtreme driver’s as well. It’s easy to pick up speed on the oval section, but mastering the infield is a whole new ball game. Unless…

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Tune In Tuesday: Lunch in a Lambo
lunch in a lambo huracan xxtv vlog featured image

XXTV episode 2: We take our Lamborghini Huracán through a fast food drive-through. People often ask us what we do when we’re off the track and back home (Chicago, IL) with our supercars. Typically we get them parked in the garage and let those babies take a snooze, as they rest up for the next…

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We made the Inc. 5000 list!
inc 5000 number

Xtreme named one of the fastest-growing companies in America. In 2012, Xtreme Xperience embarked on a mission to change the landscape of exotic car ownership. Our approach to this challenge was to make the otherwise unobtainable, obtainable by giving you the chance to drive supercars on racetracks across the United States. This was done with great…

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Drive of The Week: No Fear From This First Timer in a Ferrari
drive of the week dtw ferrari 488 ncm feat image

Flat out in a Ferrari 488 GTB at NCM Motorsports Park We’re not sure if this Southern Gent’ was playing our pro instructor Ryan for a fool, but his charm worked either way. Unlike most, Charles (driver) didn’t put the charm on with his words, he did it with some smooth skills at the wheel.  Watch…

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Fill Up Your Next Corporate Event Using These 6 Steps
feat image maximize fill corp event

Maximize attendance at your next corporate outing or private group event. If you have ever been in charge of planning a private event for your company, you know the “knot in your stomach” feeling when you have zero RSVP’s in your inbox. Now, what do you do? Before all the finger-pointing begins, we have a sure-fire way…

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Pro Tips: Driving A Supercar at Putnam Park
Xtreme Xperience event at Putnam Park Road Course

Are you ready for your Supercar Track Xperience at Putnam Park?  Putnam Park Road Course is a 1.78-mile racetrack located just minutes outside of Indianapolis. The track was originally built in 1991 as a location for Indy Cars to test, so the configuration includes a lengthy 2300 foot straightaway and a variety of corners which…

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Tune In Tuesdays: We kickoff our vlog at a sold out Chicago event
featured image of xtreme xperience supercars in pits at autobahn country club

We sold out our hometown event, and take you behind the scenes of our premiere episode of XXTV.  We’re headed back to Autobahn Country Club for the first time this year, which means it’s our homecoming event. As we began to prepare for the weekend, we were told that we hit a new record for the…

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