Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery


The circus is in town! At least, that’s how it feels to us when setting up for an experience. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable experience for our customers, from start to finish. However, to make this happen, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes. Even before our team arrives at a track, hours of planning go into ensuring every detail is worked out. In this gallery, we are going to pull back the curtain on some of the necessary moments that happen to create your most memorable ones.


Supercars arriving at a racetrack


The Xtreme Xperience team shows up a day ahead of the start of the experience to unload equipment, including cars, and prep it for the next day (often after an early morning, cramped flight, and uncomfortable ride to the track). Depending on the location, the cars will stay in a garage or in pit lane overnight while equipment is laid out for an early morning. Here the McLaren 570s, Ferrari 488, and Ferrari 458 are camped outside Autobahn Country Club’s track. Team members typically arrive between 6 and 7 am.


Keeping an eye on supercars


Before You Arrive

Warming up the cars in the morning ensures that the cars are performing at peak ability and also warms them up safely before being pushed to their limit. Throughout the day, the instructors and a technicians are constantly monitoring each car for any signs that something might need to be adjusted or changed. Safety is the number one priority.




On occasion, cars need to take a break in order for maintenance to be performed. One thing that is often not seen by many of our guests are the full-service technicians constantly at work on the fleet. They rarely interact with our customers or get the praise they deserve. Without their hard work behind the scenes, our fleet would not survive the constant wear from experience after experience!




Our Team

Our instructors play a huge role in taking the experience from great to amazing. Each morning the instructors take the time to drive around track.  They internally practice their coaching and memorize each corner of the track. Their helmets also house earpieces, which enable them to be in constant communication with other instructors and pitlane. You may not hear everything they hear, but you reap the benefits. The earpieces allow a guest to confidently pass a slower driver!



A parking lot is often a breeding ground for miscommunication, with often frustrating and costly repercussions. To ensure our adrenaline-hyped customers don’t cause a fender bender while returning the car to the pits, our pit chief is keeping a watchful eye at all times. He/she is not ignoring you, we promise. They are listening to all that is going on and creating the best experience for everyone. 




You might think that once everyone leaves, it’s time for the real fun to begin. We get asked all the time whether we road trip our cars from event to event. As romantic as that sounds, the second that every guest has left at the end of a weekend, all the equipment is packed up in preparation for the semi-truck journey to the next destination. Speaking of semi-trucks, at any given event, Xtreme Xperience rolls up with 3-4 semis packed with every piece of equipment that could be needed. Behind the scenes, each is organized throughout the weekend to prepare for the next stop!

And Repeat

Once all this is completed, our team heads home. For some it is a brief ride in the car, for others, a plane ride. For many, tour season means a few days on the road followed by a few days at home for weeks on end. All for our customers!