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Xtreme Xperience is currently seeking partners for and beyond!

Sponsorship opportunities are highly customizable with the goal of helping our partners meet key marketing and business objectives.

In a world of exceedingly cluttered marketing channels, Xtreme Xperience provides a unique, measurable and highly interactive venue to put your brand, products and messaging in front of  thousands of excited car enthusiasts in key markets across the US as well as millions of consumers online.

We offer multiple online and offline touch points to reach your target consumer. Whether you’re looking for mass brand exposure, product trials, product demonstrations, email list building or just selling a product directly to consumers, we can create a tailored solution for you.


 White Label Opportunities

We can create a fully customized program based on your needs. The following list of options are presented as conversation starters. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us how we can help support your marketing objectives!

At Xtreme Xperience Events:

  • Product demonstration and display opportunities (use of products by XX, activation tent, digital displays, signage)
  • Coupon, information and sample distribution
  • Social media activities on-site (live Twitter feeds, contests, etc.)
  • Opportunity to sell product on-site
  • Content production
  • Logo placement on various areas


  • Email marketing
  • Sponsored blog and video content
  • Promotion of sponsor through XX’s social media activities
  • Content for sponsor’s social media or website (for example, weekly driving tips, exotic car maintenance tips, pertinent articles, video, photos, or other exclusive downloadable content)
  • Links, logo placement and/or banner on XX website
  • Sponsored promotion or contest on XX website/social media

Loyalty Marketing:

  • Access to XX customers for sponsor merchandise/service discounts
  • Sponsor customer access to events and/or special XX experiences (sponsored pace car rides)
  • XX discounts, early or special access to sponsor customers
  • Exclusive co-branded offers for XX customers (include discount codes for sponsors’ items to customers after purchasing event vouchers)
  • Affiliate Marketing

Logo Placement

  • Flyers, event banners, signage, wristbands
  • Pace car and supercars (2 pace cars and 12 supercars)
  • Team trailers (Two 50-ft enclosed car haulers and one 40-ft support trailer, 25,000 miles/year)
  • Event Tents (Registration, Pit Waiting Area, VIP Area, Classroom)
  • Event staff uniforms (25+ staff per event)
  • Customer and Instructor Helmets (50 helmets)
  • Customer emails and website

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Individual Event Sponsorship Opportunities

In any given market, Xtreme Xperience reaches millions of consumers online and thousands of consumers, both participants and spectators, in a single weekend at the racetrack. The Supercar Track Xperience is the perfect place to reach highly engaged, excited car enthusiasts.


  • $1000/Day or $2100/Event
  • Included in 3 email blasts to local Xtreme Xperience customers before event and 1 email after
  • 20′ x 20′ space at event to use for a marketing activation, vendor booth, tent or display
  • Sponsor page on our website


  • $750/Day or $1500/Event
  • Included in 3 email blasts to local Xtreme Xperience customers
  • 10′ x 10′ space at event to use for a marketing activation, vendor booth, tent or display


  • $500/Day or $1000/Event
  • 10′ x 10′ space at event to use for a marketing activation, vendor booth, tent or display

Xtreme Xperience Sponsorship

Customer Touch Points at Xtreme Xperience Events


Sobe Adrenaline Rush Energy Drink

Adrenaline Rush presenta: El Reto #SalíAVivir

¿Vos qué harías si se te acercan así y te dicen que llevés tu Adrenalina al máximo?

Posted by Sobe Adrenaline Rush on Saturday, May 2, 2015


Hola Amigos Racing de Guatemala, comparto este video, comparte la Mejor Experiencia Racing de tu Vida. ¡¡¡ NOS VEMOS EN LA PISTA!!!

Posted by Xtreme Xperience Latam on Monday, April 13, 2015

Sobe Adrenaline Rush partnered with Xtreme Xperience in Guatemala to introduce their brand to adrenaline-seeking consumers and reinforce the brand’s extreme image. In addition to providing on-site signage, product sampling and brand ambassadors at the racetrack, Sobe bridged the offline/online gap by giving away Supercar Xperiences to their Facebook fans and creating digital content to support their marketing initiatives and boost online engagement. Sobe also used the opportunity to produce a television commercial and entertain their top distributors.


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