A Snapshot of the Garage | Gallery


Our garage is the engine of our operation. It’s the place where everything happens, from organizing equipment to fixing supercars. Our garage serves as a hub from which we are able to execute experiences every weekend without issue. As Xtreme Xperience travels to racetracks all over the country, our Chicago base needs to be a place where we can be ready to solve any problem quickly and sufficiently. Our technicians are equipped with what they need to be able to tackle unique and irregular situations with our fleet of nearly 50 vehicles. At the same time, they manage to keep track of a host of equipment, consumables, and parts. This snapshot of the garage will show just a small amount of what goes on during the week to make the weekend happen!

Scroll through this week’s gallery for a peek into what goes on at the garage.

Xtreme Xperience Supercars


You would think that after moving into a garage much bigger than our old one, we would have sufficient space! Well, sufficient and extra are two very different things. Our garage has enough space to hour our vehicles, but gets a little tight when everyone is home. Tetris anyone?



One of the biggest occupiers of space is the five bays of lifts. All are in constant use, from assessing the newest vehicle (pictured above), to tackling a brake job at the optimal height. The fifth bay hosts an alignment rack that allows technicians to align any vehicle in a matter of minutes. 



Our lead cars are the most frequent visitors as they are put through the hardest wringing each weekend. These cars go through tires, oil, and brakes more than any other vehicles in our fleet! It’s why we have 9 of them at the moment!



Next to the lifts is the dedicated detailing space. We want driving a supercar to be an all-in experience for every guest, which includes making the cars sparkle inside and out. The detailing space has it’s own drainage, plastic curtain, water supply, and equipment so that cars can be given a full bath without hindering the rest of the work in the garage.



On the other side of the lifts, rubber meets the road! Well, typically it has either already met the road or is about to for the first time! Our tire machines make quick work of changing a tire, balancing new ones, and getting cars on their way. Speaking of tires…



We go through a lot! Keeping every set organized is crucial as nearly every car has slightly different dimensions and we utilize a number of different tires. The racks in the back of the above photo store tires as well as a variety of other spare parts that will be needed from time to time.



Center caps are strange things. Look on eBay, a set of genuine Ferrari center caps will cost hundreds, and yet, on track, they are better left off! It’s a bit of a quirk, but there are drawers of odds and ends throughout the garage that are a mystery to most!



Apart from giant machines and strange odds and ends, the garage is equipped with every tool imaginable. The team of technicians keeps track of every one, making sure that when a job is done, they go back where they came from – organization is key!



At any given moment in the garage, you will find that a job is happening, with carts holding tools and parts. It can be a fun game to try to guess what is happening without knowing asking. Like this….




DON’T READ THE NEXT SENTENCE UNTIL YOU GUESS. This is an axel taken apart to be fixed, before being reassembled and installed back in a lead car.



At the end of the day, it is just a garage. However, it is a garage that houses some pretty sweet supercars. We’re very grateful for the team that keeps our garage moving. See you on track!