Featured Customer Drive – September: Ferrari 458 at NOLA


Check out this In-Car Video from our Ferrari 458 at NOLA

We always enjoy showing our customer some love when they post their Supercar Track Xperiences on YouTube and Facebook. Not only are the looks on their faces priceless, but it amazes us to watch someone progress, lap after lap. This is why we added In-Car HD Video packages to our supercars; with dual cameras (one forward facing camera and one pointed at the driver) to capture it all!

gif of ferrari 458 italia on track with xtreme xperience

Many of our customers hit the track for the 1st time in one of XX’s supercars, ready to find out what it’s like to experience a high-powered vehicle at speed.  With a little bit of instruction, most put their best foot forward (quite literally), and end up producing fast and smooth laps, they’ll never forget.

Those who add in-car video to their experience, leave with a USB Drive crammed full of memories. Fortunately for us, we get to check them out on Youtube, once they’re done reliving their Xtreme Xperience at home.  We recently returned from NOLA Motorsports Park and soon after came all the customer uploads. We found Cody’s video posted from his drive in our Ferrari 458 Italia, and it was exhilarating to watch. So much so, we had to share it with you, and make it our FIRST featured video for the month!

 HD In-Car Video in Xtreme’s Ferrari 458 Italia at NOLA

Thanks for letting us feature this video and nice save on Turn 1, Cody! Other than that, he really put together a solid run after applying the instructor’s directions. What do you think about Cody’s driving skills? Tells us in the comments below.

Visit Cody’s YouTube channel and give him a like if you dig his video.

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