Watch: Time-lapse Ferrari 488 GTB Painting


Who wouldn’t hang-up this Ferrari painting in their home?

If you hang around enough car guys/gals, you’ll quickly learn that their home decor usually consists of photos, paintings and models of their favorite cars. Typically, these take the place of high-profile artwork that you’d have to sell your kidney for. Like those people, we’d prefer to part ways with a vital organ, to stare at automotive engineering excellence, as opposed to a painting of a middle-aged man with his ear wrapped in gauze or a turn of the century countryside home (just saying)… Being said, we found something worthy of a nail or two in your drywall and we thought we’d share.

Image of Alex Gabrian Painting a Ferrari 488 GTB

Alex Gabrian Painting a Ferrari 488 GTB

While pursuing Car Throttle, we came across a time-lapse video of an artist named, Alex Gabrian, painting one of the most beautiful Ferraris on the road today, the 488 GTB. A near life size canvas and Acrylic paint are used to hand paint the new pony, fresh out of the stable in Maranello, Italy. Watching Alex lay down some serious painting skills was mesmerizing, as he nails the detailed curves of the Ferrari 488 GTB.

Image of Alex Gabrian Painting a Ferrari 488 GTB

Mid-way Thru the Painting Process

Image of Alex Gabrian Painting a Ferrari 488 GTB

Near Completion

This canvas goes from white to gray in a matter of seconds during the time-lapse, but fans will be pleased to see Ferrari red accents and a gloss layer added, giving the painting a realistic look and feel. Arguably, Alex picked the best section of the car to focus on, as the rear-end of the 488 is filled with all the right accents that speak to any car guy; A mid-mounted engine, unique tail lights, vents, big exhaust tips, and one helluva diffuser. Here’s how it is all done, check out the video below.

Watch Alex Gabrian hand paint a Ferrari 488 GTB on canvas.

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What painting would you hang on your wall? Let us know in the comments below. Like Alex’s brush skills? Send him some love on his YouTube Channel, and please convince him to paint another one for us all to gawk over.