Our Favorite Photos of 2020…so far.


Contrary to how it feels, we have not been in quarantine for all of 2020. Before we put a pause on our experiences, our team captured incredible photos at our first experiences of the year. Enjoy our favorite photos of 2020 from our first few experiences of the year. 



Ferrari 488 flying down a straight during an experience.



Dodge Hellcat Widebody leading the pack with its undeniably aggressive stance



The first-ever Mustang Shelby GT500 experience. Note the jacket.



The first-ever Mustang Shelby GT500 track experience for the general public. 



Lamborghini Huracan trying to blend in. 



Porsche 911 GT3 991.2 Driver’s seat with the crest on the headrest. 



A little pre-drive storytelling entertainment in the McLaren 570S.



This might be our favorite. 



Duelling red and green Lamborghini Huracans. 



The Nissan GT-R is a supercar through and through. 


Which of our favorite photos of 2020 is your pick? Every one of our cars knows how to pose on and off the track. We can’t wait to get back on track and snap more stunning memories. While these favorite photos of 2020 give a small window into our experience, it really is no substitute for getting in the driver’s seat yourself. Once you’ve gripped the steering wheel, pushed an accelerator to the floor, and gone triple-digit speed in a supercar, you won’t look at them the same ever again. 

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