Ferrari Celebrates 70 years of being Super Fast


70th Anniversary Ferraris on display in Geneva. 

This March (2017), marks the 70th anniversary of one of Italy’s most prestigious sports car manufacturer, Ferrari. Within the past seven decades, Ferrari has gone from a leader in motorsports to having a full lineup of nine sports cars, available in dozens of countries. In 2017, the house that Enzo built, couldn’t be more successful. 

If Mr. Ferrari were alive today, he would have the chance to see cars like the LaFerrari, next to his original V12 supercar, the 125 S. In memory of their past 70 years, Ferrari released new, limited edition liveries for all nine models in their 2017 lineup, in addition to the reveal of the all new 812 Superfast

Ferrari revealed the all new 812 Superfast - Geneva Auto Show

The all new 812 Superfast – Geneva Auto Show.

Ferrari pays homage to Enzo’s 1st sports car, for their 70th anniversary. 

To make these cars truly distinctive, Ferrari has chosen 70 liveries from its historic back catalogue to be represented on these new models – with one example of each livery available on each of the five cars in the current mainstream Ferrari range. This makes every individual car unique, as no matter the livery there will only be one 488 GTB, one F12, one California T, and so on… Car Magazine – Uk

70th anniversary ferrari liveries car magazine uk

The new class

That’s some exciting news for Ferrari lovers across the universe, wouldn’t you say? Of course, not everyone will get their hands on one, as Ferrari will limit the number of special edition liveries per car. The good news for future Ferrari owners, is that they are offering bespoke services to the complete range of cars. Which means, we’re sure to see some uniquely kitted and styled Ferraris on the road and track. Not to mention a beast of a V12, in an all new package, known as the 812 superfast

Here are a few 70th anniversary liveries from Ferrari: 

70th anniversary livery ferrari 488 road and track

The “White Spider” – 488. 

70th anniversary F12 Berlinetta

Tour De France – F12 Berlinetta

70th anniversary ferrari california hot rod - road and track

The Hot Rod – California

70th anniversary livery 488 gtb - road and track

The Le Mans – 488 GTB

70th anniversary package badge - car magazine uk

70th anniversary badging

70th anniversary ferrari badge - car magazine uk

Exterior 70th anniversary badge

Trust us when we say, we’d like to post every single 70th anniversary livery render and each photo of the 790 hp V12 Superfast from Geneva International Auto Show… but we’ll let you do some exploring on your own. 

Do you have a livery that  you like best? Share it in the comments below. 

BONUS MATERIAL: Read more about the history of Ferrari over the past 70 years, HERE

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