#ThePursuit – Christian: It’s Good to be Mental

This is #ThePursuit of Christian “Mental” Ward. In my youth, I was never what you call a successful, or even a good student. After high school, I entered the workforce and received exactly the reception you would expect given to a lackadaisical entitled 18-year-old. 1991 I enlisted in the United States Air Force and I found my…

#ThePursuit – Chris Clark: Road To Excellence

Featured image of chris clark thepursuit storty

This is Chris Clark, and he’s on #ThePursuit! Chris works behind the scenes at Xtreme’s events, and makes up one half of our team of technicians. Spot Chris at an XX event, you’d be hard pressed to catch him without a smile on his face, which is contagious. You’ve been warned! Chris has a natural ability to bring the…

#ThePursuit – Bud T: Cycling for a Change

Featured image, #ThePursuit Bud Taylor

#ThePursuit Fan Submission, Bud When we received Bud’s Pursuit submission, we admittedly became a little emotional. Not because it’s a sad story for any reason, but reading he’s striving to accomplish restores your faith in humanity. Inspiring you to look in the mirror and ask yourself the hardest question – “What have I done to make a difference today?”….

#ThePursuit – Brent D: Future Supercar Owner

featured image for supercar owner fan submission

Brent was the 1st to submit his Pursuit story to us, and for that we had to honor his enthusiasm with a feature on our blog. Brent is true fan of Xtreme’s and has been diligently checking in with us regarding his submission. Brent is only 32 years old with a lot of drive! His personal…


photo of Tom with Xtreme Xperience on the Pursuit

Xtreme Xperience has always been on #ThePursuit to achieve new heights. We make sure we stay in our lane, but exploring the unknown has been part of our daily regimen, beginning with our first drive in a Lamborghini. Saying we ARE the “Xtreme Xperience” and being it are two [very] different things. Over time, we learned…

#ThePursuit – Adam Olalde: Growing Xtreme Through Experience

As Xtreme Xperience embarks on #ThePursuit campaign, we looked within our own organization to find out where our motivation has spawned from. Of course it was from the sound of a high revving V10 engine, but there were other factors involved. To begin, we’re starting with the Founder of Xtreme Xperience. We couldn’t pass up this…

5 Easy Steps to Make Your Bucket List XTREME!

Xtreme Xperience Bucket List

Here at Xtreme Xperience, we are firm believers of big dreams and going all-out! Seeing as it’s a new year, and bucket lists often get a few revisions (sorry weight-watchers didn’t work, again…), we thought we’d help you make your bucket list a little more XTREME! So, whether you’ve created a boring bucket list, or…