#ThePursuit – Adam Olalde: Growing Xtreme Through Experience


As Xtreme Xperience embarks on #ThePursuit campaign, we looked within our own organization to find out where our motivation has spawned from. Of course it was from the sound of a high revving V10 engine, but there were other factors involved.

To begin, we’re starting with the Founder of Xtreme Xperience. We couldn’t pass up this opportunity to sit with our CEO and have a little Q&A with him; regarding his ever present enthusiasm and motivation to improve Xtreme Xperience. Here’s what we learned from the man that stands behind XX.

Photo of Xtreme Xperience CEO Adam Olalde

Adam Olalde – CEO

  • Who are you?
    • Adam Olalde – CEO and Founding Partner of Xtreme Xperience
  • What Are You on The Pursuit of? 
    • My pursuit is ongoing, as it should be. Xtreme was built from the ground up, meaning that much of the first three years were spent creating sound operational processes, developing our team of employees, collecting data, analyzing decision making and learning from our mistakes all the while staying the course to achieve revenue growth in a sustainable and scalable fashion. I believe that every three years the pursuit needs to be rewritten and a new plan must be set in place; a path for the future. I am currently using everything that we’ve learned over the past three years to write that plan. I am creating a vision, and a path, to carry Xtreme into the future. Not blindly but with tactical precision. All of the things that we intend to accomplish and develop in to (and more) needs a plan now. That is my current pursuit.
Quote from Adam Olalde of Xtreme Xperience and The Pursuit

The Corporate Jungle Gym

  • When Did You Start Your Pursuit? 
    • This whole thing started back in 2007, honestly, when I graduated from Miami University. I immediately spent nearly four years climbing through the jungle gym of corporate sales. In 2011 I teamed up, to do sales, for a luxury concierge franchise of a Miami based company. It was through previous training, and newly acquired relationships, that I developed both the skills and self discipline of leader, salesman and entrepreneur. The rest, however, would have to be learned on the fly. Utilizing what I had learned about the car industry, specifically, and a few unique ideas, Xtreme began to take shape. In August of 2012 I decided to make it a reality.
photo of xtreme xperience ceo adam olalde at a racetrack event in the pits

Adam in the Pits at an Event

  • When Will Your Pursuit be Completed?
    • I achieve my goals every day. The challenge is knowing how to write new ones. To me, a goal is simply a check-point. My highest level of success will be achieved when those around me have achieved their goals because I can only assume that with our collaborative hard work and passion I’ve helped them, in some way, achieve some of those goals.
  • Why Are You on This Pursuit?
    • Pursuing my goals is an evolution. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide that I no longer wanted a corporate position…I simply worked my way out of needing one and began to see the overwhelming reward in that. Every day that I wake up is a day that I’m responsible for the successes and failures that follow. The freedom to make decisions, learn from them, teach others and repeat the process is probably the most rewarding feeling in the world. My ambition as an entrepreneur is to share that feeling with as many people as I can.
photo of adam olalde of xtreme xperience carrying gift donations at NOLA Motorsports Park

Xtreme Xperience at a NOLA Charity Event

  • Who Inspired Your Pursuit? 
    • Inspiration comes from all around. My family who’s encouraged and been proud of me. My business partners who believe, in a similar manner, that you seriously can do anything you set your mind to (just look at the 30 year old with 12 supercars). And all of my teammates and coworkers, who share in the passion of what we’re doing; who set their individual goals and create plans to achieve them. Winning together is the greatest inspiration of all.


Photo of Xtreme Xperience fleet and team at NOLA Motorsports Park

The XX Team and Fleet at NOLA Motorsports Park

Are you on #ThePursuit? We want to hear about your drive and road to accomplishing your goals, and we’ll even feature your story, right here on our blog. To submit your story, click HERE.