#ThePursuit – Chris Clark: Road To Excellence


This is Chris Clark, and he’s on #ThePursuit!

photo of chris clark running for November Project #ThePursuit

This “Road Warrior” is always on the move, catch him if you can!

Chris works behind the scenes at Xtreme’s events, and makes up one half of our team of technicians. Spot Chris at an XX event, you’d be hard pressed to catch him without a smile on his face, which is contagious. You’ve been warned!

Chris has a natural ability to bring the best out of those whom he interacts with, and not just because of his likable personality, but usually by setting an example. The beard seemingly helps too!  His hard work, and motivated personality made him a candidate for #ThePursuit from the moment we learned about his journey. Here to tell us his story, is Chris Clark.

  • Who Are You?
    • Hey everybody! My name is Chris Clark and I am a Fleet Technician and Road Crew Leader for Xtreme Xperience. I’m relied upon to ensure the proper operation and safety of the Xtreme fleet of vehicles; and to transport Xtreme’s tools, event materials, and merchandise cross-country from racetrack to racetrack so that each of our customers may enjoy the same world class Xperience wherever we go!
  • What Are You on The Pursuit of?
    • I’m on #ThePursuit to forever become a better version of myself while encouraging others to do the same. I have a strong desire to travel the world and to absorb its near infinite wealth of knowledge and beauty. I also have a passion for learning from, and sharing experiences with, all of the incredible people I meet during my travels.
Photo Chris Clark, in forest with arms out - #ThePursuit
  • Where and how did you decide to start this pursuit, and who inspired you?
    • After a lifelong journey through the automotive field — from being inspired by my dad’s legacy of building and restoring cars, to focusing on automotive technology in high school and college, working summers as a technician and diagnostician, and spending several years designing service and diagnostic training material — I took a year away from it all to reassess my direction in life. I took time to realize what was important to me, and identify a new set of goals. At the end of that year came the opportunity of a lifetime: utilizing my knowledge and skills as an automotive technician to help fulfill the dreams of others (driving supercars, on real racetracks, with real driving instruction), while also fulfilling my own dreams of seeing the country and continuing my personal and professional growth.
Photo of Chris Clark and Cal highfiving #ThePursuit

Chris enjoys being in the “pits”

  • When Will Your Pursuit be Completed?
    • I don’t ever plan to fully accomplish my goals of self-improvement or discovery of the world. In fact, I hope that I never do! If there’s ever a point in my life where I can no longer learn and grow from my experiences and surroundings then I’m past-due for making some changes. While the finish line may seem to be an appealing destination, I’ve found the most rewarding moments are experienced within the journey, during #ThePursuit. I hope to see you along the way!
photo of xtreme xperience technicians, Ted (left) Chris (right), shaking hands  - #ThePursuit

Our two techs, Ted and Chris, take a look at these guys!

Are you on #ThePursuit? We want to hear about your drive and road to accomplishing your goals, and we’ll even feature your story, right here on our blog. To submit your story, click HERE.