5 Easy Steps to Make Your Bucket List XTREME!


Here at Xtreme Xperience, we are firm believers of big dreams and going all-out! Seeing as it’s a new year, and bucket lists often get a few revisions (sorry weight-watchers didn’t work, again…), we thought we’d help you make your bucket list a little more XTREME! So, whether you’ve created a boring bucket list, or if you’ve never taken the time to make one at all, we decided to offer some help. Afterall, we are responsible for thousands of bucket list achievements each and every year, it only seems right that we keep this train moving!

Now, do some research and you’ll find that the types of bucket lists range from the philanthropic type, all the way to the world travelers top places to visit. We’re hoping to break the mold, and go bold! These are Xtreme Xperience’s 5 Steps to making your bucket list, extreme!

Xtreme Bucket Lists cars at track

Eat up racetracks for breakfast and bucket lists for lunch

Step 1: Start shaping your list

  • You probably know a few people that have spent some serious time, and have gone to great lengths to complete something life-changing for themselves. Without a doubt, that person likely had their bucket list in order. Although lists are for grown ups, there’s no reason why you can’t channel your inner-child, and jot down some of those dreams you had as a youngster!
    Leave limits, and practicality behind, and you will open up your world to the Xtreme! Grab yourself a new notepad or open up that mobile list builder and begin brainstorming. You can also check out Wishberg, where you can list, track and share your bucket lists online. We recommend that you have a way to visualize the list, and have it travel well – for you never know when inspiration will strike! In which case, you’ll need to have that list handy.

    • Tip: Look to your friends and family for inspiration. They know you best, and will certainly remember some of the conversations you have shared, regarding your life-long goals. There are also some pretty awesome sites dedicated to bucket listers, like Bucketlist.org, check it out.

Step 2: Generate your Xtreme bucket list

  • This is as important as first step, as goals/dreams which are written down, and can be crossed out, are completed more often. Not only are they more likely to be completed, but having the opportunity to cross out/check off that big goal, is one of the most satisfying things you will ever do. We promise!
    • Tip: Start with a big list and get an idea of what the overall vision and goal looks like. Take that draft, and work on the next one, by getting more specific with the items on your list. You can add places, times, and dollar amounts to it. Thus, making it more complete as you move from a draft towards that final list.

Step 3: Start planning

  • Time to bust out that calendar and planner! Since we’re building an Xtreme Bucket List, there shouldn’t be any “low-hanging-fruit” on here. If there are, drop that in your to-do’s and go get them done! Slacker. Being said, there’s no time like the present! You don’t have to be on your last leg before you start taking that list down. Haven’t you seen that video of the grandma skydiving? Let’s try to avoid that…Find out how and when you can accomplish each item on your list. Determine where you want to start, and give yourself a date to complete it by. Be realistic, but make it a timely goal to complete.
    • Tip: By giving yourself a date to complete something by, this will ultimately keep it top of mind. You will find a way to save, schedule, or book that trip to become part of that exclusive bucket list club!

Step 4: Get started!

  • It’s that time to get up and go! If you’ve taken the time to think through the list of what you want to do in your life-time, and when you’d like to complete them by, then you have to get the ball rolling! Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so start today! This is one of those times where it’s ok to be selfish. Let’s be honest, no one is going to hate you for doing something you’ve always dreamed of doing one day. Heck, they’ll probably applaud you for it! There’s a good chance that your friends and family will want to be there for big day. Besides, who’s going to get that big ol’ grin on camera for you?!

Step 5: Cross it off that list!

  • You just became a do-er, a goal smasher, and a bucket list slayer! CROSS IT OFF THAT BIG BEAUTIFUL BUCKET LIST OF YOURS! Man, does it feel good just thinking about it, or what?! Remember, as long as you’re here on this lovely planet, you can always add new experiences to the list. As you get older and further down that list, there will likely be something more to add to it. Keep that list handy and accessible, then repeat steps 1-5 again.
    • Tip: Make sure you have a way to capture the memories, and share it with your inner-circle and friends. Social media has become such a great way to show everyone how you earned your stripes, don’t be afraid to spread the word.
Xtreme Xperience customer celebrates after his drive

Completing your Xperience should bring the Rick Flare outta you! WOOOO!!!

We are amazingly fortunate to be part of so many bucket lister’s experiences every year. This is why we wanted to help our friends and fans continue to build out their bucket lists; all while making it even more Xtreme than before!

We realized that many people forget that there’s something more important than, just going and doing something you’ve always wanted to do. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the whole experience, and forget what REALLY just happened. For that reason alone, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss these BONUS Tips:

  • Be present: Live in the moment. Take in the experience, and enjoy it while it is lasts. Because when it is over, it is over. There will never be another “first time” for that experience again.
  • Reflect on the accomplishment: Some people get done and have nothing to look back at, and aren’t able to remember what happened the day they completed a life-long dream of theirs. Before you leave the location, be sure to take a mental snapshot of what you felt, and remember to write it down or record your afterthoughts.

We hope that this “how to guide” has provided you with everything you need to get started on your Xtreme Bucket List. We always like to hear about Xtreme “bucket-listers”, so be sure to let us know about your story. Remember to use the hashtag #XXBucketlist on your social media posts, and we’ll help you share your moments of glory with world!

Now get out there. Live life XTREME!!!

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