#ThePursuit – Brent D: Future Supercar Owner

Photo Brent D submission #ThePursuit Xtreme Xperience

Brent and his A to B

Brent was the 1st to submit his Pursuit story to us, and for that we had to honor his enthusiasm with a feature on our blog. Brent is true fan of Xtreme’s and has been diligently checking in with us regarding his submission.

Brent is only 32 years old with a lot of drive! His personal goals are in check, and he wants to elevate them to the next level! Brent’s on #ThePursuit, and hopes to be cruising down the street in a new ride, as soon as he can get his hands on one. Check out what Brent would like to have in his dream garage.

  • Who Are You?
    • Brent DiBenedetto, and I’m 32 Years Old.
  • What Are You on the Pursuit of?
    • I’m on the pursuit to owning a Supercar. I would like to own a Porsche, either a 911 or 918. I’d also like to own a Lamborghini Huracán, or maybe even an Aventador one day. I believe that anything is possible, and I won’t let a few obstacles get in my way.
Photo #ThePursuit Xtreme xperience submission Brent D

Day Dreaming at the Autoshow

  • When Did You Start Your Pursuit?
    • Right now!
  • When Will Your Pursuit be Completed?
    • I’m unsure of how or when this will be accomplished, then again I never believed I would get to drive these awesome cars in the first place. I believe my pursuit is on-going and will continue to grow stronger.
Photo #ThePursuit Xtreme Xperience Submission Brent D
  • Why Are You on This Pursuit?
    • I fully agree with your (Xtreme Xperience’s) philosophy that an intelligent and determined individual can accomplish anything! Which is why I’m pursuing a goal that will allow me to own something truly unique, and special to me. I consider myself to be anything but ordinary, and I think my own uniqueness will serve me in reaching my goals of owning one or more of these amazing cars.

To Brent, we want to say that we wish you the best of luck! Brent sounds like a real car and driving enthusiast – we can certainly appreciate that.

Are you on #ThePursuit? We want to hear about your drive and road to accomplishing your goals, and we’ll even feature your story, right here on our blog. To submit your story, click HERE.