Xtreme Xperience has always been on #ThePursuit to achieve new heights. We make sure we stay in our lane, but exploring the unknown has been part of our daily regimen, beginning with our first drive in a Lamborghini. Saying we ARE the “Xtreme Xperience” and being it are two [very] different things. Over time, we learned how to walk-the-walk.

Outside of a strong hustle game – complete with hard work and dedication – we surrounded ourselves with people who could represent the Xtreme Lifestyle, which is embedded into our brand. All roads suddenly pointed to one individual when we asked who reflected that best.

If you have ever spent more than 3 minutes with Tom Moore, our Pit Manager, you quickly learn that his world is, a 24/7 – Xtreme Xperience! For that reason, we wanted to know what he was on #ThePursuit of. Without further ado…

photo of Tom behind a fire with xtreme xperience - #ThePursuit

Call that a fire?

  • Who are you?
    • Tom Moore – Pit Manager at Xtreme Xperience
  • What Are You on The Pursuit of? 
    • I’m on #ThePursuit to travel and continue to grow as person, while maintaining my health and Xtreme style of life. I get to travel the world with Xtreme Xperience, meeting people and experiencing new things at every turn. As an active climber, this is how I prefer to take on life. While work takes me from one state to another, my girlfriend and I will travel over-the-road to destinations where we climb, hike, and camp. I’ve filled many positions at XX (driver, instructor, etc), which has allowed me to learn about the business from all angles. The fast paced – never stop moving – mentality of the road-crew allows me to regularly experience new places in a unique way. I love it, and it truly suits me, and my Xtreme lifestyle.
Photo of Tom rock climbing - #ThePursuit

Achieving New Heights

  • When Did You Start Your Pursuit? 
    • As a kid growing up, I felt like I was much different than the other kids around me, which lead me to trying new things. Thats actually how I fell into climbing (no pun intended). I realized I was on this pursuit when I was in Colorado, hiking 100 miles solo, on the CT (Colorado Trail). It took 8 days to get from point-to-point, and it was the best thing I could have done for myself, at that time in my life. Hiking and backpacking for 100 miles allowed me to spend the time I needed to put life into perspective; develop my vision for how I’d like it to turn out, or decide if I was going to play it by ear. Either way, life got WAY better after that!
  • When Will Your Pursuit be Completed? 
    • My pursuit is not a goal that can simply be accomplished, as much as it can be lived through experiences. I can say that I am trying to achieve a higher state of physical well being, and I’d hope to hit that goal over the next 20 years.
Photo of Tom at the top of a formed rock - #ThePursuit

When it’s Xtreme, That’s His Zone

  • Why Are You on This Pursuit?
    • I’m on this path, because it truly makes me happy. Void from pushback or restrictions, I’m able to experience life at my own pace, traveling from one place to the next, by van. I’m able to build character through blood, sweat and tears, while becoming the strongest version of myself that I can be.
  • Who Inspired Your Pursuit? 
    • Many people have inspired me throughout life, but one person had a significant impact on me. That person was, Dean Potter. He was a prolific climber/wingsuit BASE jumper/highline slack liner, and a great human being. Dean was the kind of person that just went for it, in every way! Having seen how Dean lived, it inspired me to be who I am, and just go for it! Which in turn, taught me to always think of the consequences of our actions, always accept the outcomes, and move forward.
Photo of Tom at Xtreme Xperience - #ThePursuit

Time to Stop and Smell The Roses

Are you on #ThePursuit? We want to hear about your drive and road to accomplishing your goals, and we’ll even feature your story, right here on our blog. To submit your story, click HERE.