Make A Car Enthusiast Feel Loved – A Guide


Ah, Valentine’s Day is almost here. 

The one day a year where you get to shower your love with gifts and attention that truly speak their unique love language. The chance to build a better connection, unforgettable memories, and to let them know that you really do care. 

For those that call a car enthusiast the love of their life, well, there’s no doubt you understand the immense challenges that often come with showing your car-loving enthusiast just how much you care. In fact, most car enthusiasts usually have multiple lovers. No, we’re not talking about a cheating heart, no. For enthusiasts, love transcends man and machine. One happens to have a heartbeat and the other happens to function on oil and gasoline. 

So, what do you give the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift to the car enthusiast in your life? What will make their mix of oil and blood run hot? 

Lucky for you, we have a few ideas that are sure to drive any car enthusiast wild.

Go To A Car Meet/Event Together 

Ask any couple in a successful, long-term relationship what one of the keys to maintaining connection is, and they’ll tell you sharing each other’s interests is a key component to long-term happiness.

If you’ve got a car enthusiast in your life, one of the best things you can do is spend time with them at one of their favorite things: a car show or a car meetup. Whether it’s a Cars and Coffee event on a beautiful Saturday morning or a car meet-up with a group that all share a common interest in a particular vehicle; there are plenty of opportunities to accompany your gearhead significant other to an amazing car based event. 

Why not just make the whole event a romantic date? Perhaps start the morning off with brunch and mimosas ( know your limits people, the only thing you should be drunk on is love) or perhaps end the day by driving in their vehicle to a proper lookout spot for a romantic sunset. 

Simply showing enough interest to attend such an event is enough for most people, but this is your opportunity to make it a little bit extra special.

The Gift Of Car Care

Much like people, our vehicles could always use some extra love and attention. 

Keeping the ride looking sharp is no easy task, and one of the best ways to show some love to your car-loving significant other is to give the gift of a shiny ride. There are lots of ways to get this done. From a full detail at a local car spa that cleans up the inside, outside to the way it was when it was new, to springing for a ceramic coating that not only gets the outside looking amazing but keeps it that way. 

For those true DIY’ers (you know the type), established companies like Mothers and Meguiars make fantastic kits that provide the best products on the market for shining and cleaning up your lover’s ride. Throw in a pack of high-quality microfiber towels, maybe a vacuum that’s specifically designed to work in the car, and you’ll have one happy car enthusiast on your hand. 

Trust me, for car enthusiasts, cleaning their own car is not a chore, but a joy.

The Perfect Stay Home V-Day Date

Car culture runs deep through the world of entertainment, and most car enthusiasts out there have a favorite car-focused movie that really turns their gears. Netflix and chill at home with your love by picking from a selection of some of the ultimate car-focused movies, ordering in some takeout, and enjoying a romantic evening at home. 

Some all-time favorites for most car enthusiasts include:

  • Bullit
  • Rush
  • Smokey & The Bandit
  • Pixar’s Cars series
  • Fast and Furious movies
  • Ford Vs. Ferrari
  • Gone in 60 Seconds 

These films capture the essence of car-based love and some of them are genuinely fantastic films! 

Have a gamer in your life? Why not sit down and play a game like Forza, or Gran Turismo with them for a bit? Even if you’re not good at playing the game (practice makes perfect) any hardcore gamer will enjoy the company and the joy that comes with racing virtually. Trust us, it’s fun and a glass of wine and some video games can be a hilariously fun way to spend V-Day. 

An Open Road Supercar Tour Together

As amazing as all these ideas are for the car enthusiast in your life, there’s nothing better for a true enthusiast than hopping behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s meant to appeal to those who have motor oil boiling in their soul. Here’s the thing, you can give the car-loving person in your life the experience of driving a bespoke supercar, without having to pull out a second mortgage on your home! 

How? Open Road by Xtreme Xperience! Yes, your car-loving partner will be handed the keys to a supercar and you can come along for the ride. We’re hitting up locations all over the United States and giving drivers the opportunity to pilot real deal supercars on some of the most amazing driving roads out there. You and your partner will be part of a guided tour on roads that are meant to push the limits of what a supercar can do, and provide plenty of opportunities to experience nature in all its splendor along the way. 

Can you imagine the memories you’ll build with your loved one from this incredibly unique experience? Honestly, for the person in your life who loves cars, there is no better way to show them you care than to join them as they push their dream car to the limit.

What Are You Waiting For?

We know it can be hard to really nail the perfect V-Day gift for the car enthusiast in your life, especially if you’re not one yourself! Booking an Open Road tour is the perfect way to not only show the car nerd in your life that you care but also an opportunity for yourself to have the thrill of a lifetime! 

Check out our calendar for a list of dates near you and come out and join us. Make this a Valentine’s Day to Remember!