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May 11, 2022 Xtreme Xperience

The Nissan GT-R: Everyone Loves Dinosaurs

So, what’s your favorite dinosaur? Stegosaurus, or, how about the little armed monster known as the T-Rex? Well, the fine men and women of Xtreme Xperience happen to have a favorite automotive dinosaur as well,...
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May 4, 2022 Xtreme Xperience

Cars & Bids, Bring A Trailer – What are these Online Auction Sites Anyway!?

It’s a great time to be a car enthusiast.  Back in the day (you know, like ten years ago) car enthusiasts had to scan through traditional classifieds, go to local car shows or attend high-end...
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Apr 27, 2022 Xtreme Xperience

Go Like Hell: The Shelby GT500

Close your eyes and try to imagine this moment for just a second.  It’s 1966, and you’re Bruce McLaren. Yes, THAT McLaren, and you’re piloting a hair-trigger race car in arguably the most challenging race...
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Apr 20, 2022 Xtreme Xperience

How We Choose Our Supercars

For Xtreme Xperience, choosing our fleet of supercars can feel an awful lot like choosing between a fine grass-fed steak, and a burger that’s fresh off the grill at your favorite burger chain. Each is...
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Apr 11, 2022 Xtreme Xperience

The Best Roads in Michigan

This is a state with lakes as big as oceans, soaring sandstone cliffs, deep evergreen forests, and sprawling wineries.  Yet, some people who’ve lived here their entire lives like to think of it as somewhat...
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Apr 6, 2022 Xtreme Xperience

Vintage Car Driving Experience – Why Not?

What can we say? At Xtreme Xperience, we’re about as car-crazy as they come.  Not only are we nuts about everything with four wheels and an engine, but we’ve also built an entire company around...
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