The Nuts and Bolts of an Xtreme Xperience Event


When you show up to an Xtreme Xperience event, our goal is to provide a seamless and smooth experience that will leave your heart pounding. Seems like an easy task? Trust us, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

To pull off the gargantuan task of putting normal folks like you into a fleet of supercars in a safe, yet exhilarating manner at tracks all over the country, a whole host of stuff is happening behind scenes. From shipping supercars to flying personnel out, our well-oiled machine requires superior coordination and dedication from our entire team. 

So, if you’ve ever wondered if we own our own tracks, how we run our operations, or how we keep the cars from breaking down, stay tuned. We’re going to cover all this and much, much more. 

Let’s get into it. 

Racetrack Rental

So, let’s just get this out of the way upfront. No, we don’t own any racetracks.

Most racetracks in the United States host a variety of events. In addition to race event weekends where motorsports series like Indycar, Nascar, and IMSA roar to the cheers of fans, race tracks also rent out the track to companies like Xtreme Xperience, media groups who shoot commercials, and pretty much everyone else who will pay a track rental fee. Fees range wildly depending on the track, with more significant or historic courses commanding a premium fee. 

In addition to paying track rental fees, we also have to make sure that there is infrastructure in place to support our customers and their needs. Everything from Porta Potties (yes, even budding race car drivers need to use the john) and parking fees need to be covered so our customers can show up, and get on the course as soon as possible. Our operations team handles this well in advance, in addition to any last-minute changes that come up. 

Trust us, it’s almost never a smooth ride but keeping things moving is what we do day in and day out. 

Safety First, Always

You are our most important asset, and we want to explain how safety is a top priority for every member of the Xtreme Xperience team.

We work with local paramedic teams to make sure there is immediate assistance if needed. Keep in mind that although our safety record is impeccable, there are other types of medical emergencies that can happen during events that have nothing to do with driving and we want to make sure that any sort of emergency is quickly handled. 

Rules are in place to keep everyone safe, so our safety team is in constant communication with each other via headsets. Each member of the safety team is ensuring that both Xtreme Xperience’s rules are followed, along with any specific rules that the track has. Remember, we’re in their house, and when you’re in someone else’s house, you stick to their rules. Once cars are rolling, every member of our team is on the lookout. 

Prior to heading out, there’s also a detailed safety briefing that allows us to pass on the rules to our guests in a classroom-like setting. Things like hand signals, rules of the track, the specific layout of the track, and general track etiquette will be covered. For your safety and the safety of our team members, treat the course, the cars, and the staff with the utmost respect by listening closely and following the rules. 

You don’t want to be THAT guy who is causing delays for everyone else because you didn’t listen to the safety briefing. Trust us. 

Constant maintenance on vehicles

When you run a fleet of race-ready supercars around a track, you get pretty darn used to switching out brakes and tires. 

Remember, this isn’t a commute to work, this is a racetrack, and we encourage our guests to safely push the car to its limits. This means scrubbed tires and brakes that wear out way faster than your normal daily driver. Plus, they’re going to need gas too, and believe us when we say, these things don’t exactly sip gasoline like a Toyota Prius. Our team of mechanics is always on hand to handle everything from a quick tire change to a more complicated issue so that every guest can hop into the car they came to drive without concern. 

Supercars can be fickle beasts, but our team of technicians is always on hand to tame our monsters. 

Fleet of Supercars + fleet of super people

There are dozens of team members that fly out to each event during our running season. This includes our world-class driving instructors, capable technicians, on-the-ball safety team, customer wow-ing guest services, and our incredibly nimble events team that helps everything run as smoothly as a Ferrari’s twin-turbo V8. If that sounds a bit exhausting, it can be, but at the end of the day, the deep energy and love for what we do keeps our engines running weekend after weekend. 

Not everyone gets the luxury of flying out to events. Remember that whole thing about having a fleet of supercars? Well, we can’t exactly pack those in the carry-on compartment, so they have to be trucked from location to location. Since we run at locations from coast to coast, this means our truck drivers need to make the haul so the star of the show (Hint: it’s the cars) can arrive promptly and be ready to rock your world. 

Our Heart and Soul

We’re truly dedicated to providing a memorable experience that you will never forget, and that’s exactly why we throw our heart and soul into every single event we do. When our guests have a blast, so do we! 

To keep this machine running, every member of our team serves a specific purpose but is never afraid to go the extra mile when needed. Short of changing a tire on a car, our team is all eyes and ears to make sure everyone’s day is not only safe but incredibly fun. After all, when your job is to stick average joe’s into vehicles that are from average so they can have the time of their life, it’s pretty easy to get wrapped up in the joy of it all. 

From Open Road tours through some of the best public roads in the world, to racetrack events that teach you how to push a proper supercar on the country’s best tracks, a day with Xtreme Xperience will leave you feeling more alive than you ever have before.