Tips For Maintaining and Caring For Your Supercar


Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Look, we’ve been in this business for a long time. 

Eleven years to be exact. After ripping around on the best circuits in the country and beating up on the world’s best supercars, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to make them last longer and look great for the long haul. Thanks to teams of dedicated, often thankless operational folks, our star cars show up event after event ready to thrill drivers. 

Since we’re all about sharing, we wanted to give you some tips and tricks that can help you keep your supercar running like a champion and looking like one too. Although your family SUV isn’t necessarily designed to knock off blistering lap times, much of this advice can translate to normal, everyday vehicles as well. 

Ready to dive in? Let’s do this thing. 

Tip# 1: Follow the recommended maintenance schedule

You’d be surprised at the number of people that purchase a several hundred thousand dollar supercar, only to sleep on the maintenance and either not do it, or do it halfway. Don’t do this. 

When engineers lay out a maintenance schedule, they take into account everything from the material of the engine to the tolerances for the valves. Since fluids are like the lifeblood of an engine, not changing the oil on the right interval or missing out on a valve adjustment could not only negatively affect performance, but could also completely destroy your engine. Sounds extreme? Trust us, it’s not. Supercars are built to a finite level of precision and they require regular maintenance to stay in peak condition. 

This mentality also goes past what’s under the hood to items like tires, brakes, and even the battery. Anyone who owns a supercar knows how often they chew through tires, but staying on top of tire rotation will at least minimize the financial impact. Since many people don’t drive their supercar often, and the battery from the manufacturer is often the smallest, lightest unit they can get away with, owners will often find their supermachines dead in the garage. Solution? A battery tender. 

There are countless other examples, but the bottom line is that if you own a supercar (or any car) you need to keep up with that maintenance. 

Tip #2:  Use High-Quality Parts and Fluids

You know that old trope “it’s cheap for a reason”? Well, when it comes to components like tires, brakes, fluids, and replacement parts, this is especially true because supercars, especially the way we use them, go through a gauntlet at every track. 

Take engine oil, for example. Most of us take it for granted because we roll into a dealership, pay under a hundred dollars and roll out with a fresh engine full of oil. We don’t care what’s in our cars because we figure the mechanics will just use whatever is recommended by the factory. When it comes to supercars, however, the story is much different. The engines in supercars are put under an incredible amount of stress thanks to high levels of heat during normal operation and this heat is magnified when running hot laps on track days. 

If we run inferior engine oil in our cars, the oil won’t be able to properly disperse the heat away from critical engine components and major damage can occur. Sure, it may cost a bit more than the stuff you buy at a big box store, but in the long run, it just makes sense. 

The bottom line is don’t be cheap. Run the good stuff! 

Tip #3: Keep it clean!

For the life of us, we can not understand people who pay for the finest looking and performing automobiles in the world, only to leave them dirty or filled with trash. No, we’re not exaggerating, because we’ve all seen it for ourselves! A clean car = a happy car. 

If you’re going to tackle the task of cleaning your supercar on your own in your driveway, don’t go busting out some dingy rags and the dish soap you used to clean last night’s lasagna from the pots and pans. You’ll need to purchase a high-quality soap that’s formulated for automotive paint finishes, two buckets, and two separate sponges or cleaning mitts. One bucket is for cleaning and the other is for rinsing. This helps keep owners from unintentionally rubbing debris from the dirty water into the finish and causing those dreaded swirl marks. 

If this sounds like too much work, then hire a professional! Some of the best car-washing professionals offer mobile service so you don’t even have to leave your house to have a sparkling clean ride. 

Tip #4: Proper storage

No matter where you live, your supercar will be susceptible to both human stupidity and mother nature if you don’t properly store it. 

Although we’d love to feel like all our fellow humans always have our backs, this just isn’t the case, even in your own neighborhood. Your ride could be the unwilling backdrop for some well-to-do influencer’s latest Tik Tok video. After all, these vehicles are kind of celebrities in their own right and they garner a ton of attention. Worse off, that crazy neighbor of yours who can’t seem to figure out how to use their backup camera may miss the several hundred thousand dollar supercar in their blind spot. Sound like an unreal scenario? Trust us, it happens. 

Not to mention there’s the whole issue of mother nature’s fury! Even in a place like Los Angeles, heavy rains this winter started to down trees all over the city, and in the battle of tree vs. supercar, well, the tree is going to win. Every time. In other parts of the country, there’s everything from hail (the nemesis of all good paint jobs) to freezing rain, and even tornadoes to worry about. Any of these things could total your supercar, so for the love of Pete, please put it in a garage to save yourself the heartache. 

Tip # 5: Drive responsibly

Look, there’s a sweet spot between driving like an 87-year-old blind person and treating every public road like it’s the Mulsanne Straight. You need to stay in that sweet spot. 

We know that it’s incredibly tempting to push your car that’s designed for ultimate performance out on the street, but the street is unforgiving. Unlike a race track, where there are tire barriers, gravel traps, and runoffs, the street is usually full of, you know, cars, light poles, and people. Lots and lots of people. We know you want to be seen, but unless you feel like becoming the subject of the next viral car crash video that comes up on your feed, it’s best to leave the antics on the track. 

In fact, we just may have a solution for that need for speed. 

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