From the Garage: We can’t believe this is our last event of the year


Our supercars on tour have turned their last laps of the year, and it sure is bittersweet.

Join Adam Olalde (CEO) LIVE from our last event in West Palm Beach, FL.

Similar to any team who travels for a living, showing up for your last “performance” brings on all types of emotions. Typically, this means you get to go back home, rest up and prepare for the coming year.

Sure, we get some much needed R&R, but… you’re also forced to say goodbye to all the excitement that comes along with being on the road, and some of your best friends. Worst of all, meeting all of you supercar fanatics on a weekly basis is put on pause, and that affects everyone at XX. 🙁 

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The end of the year always gives us a chance to look back on each event (we hosted roughly 30 this year) and reflect on all the ups and downs we experienced along the way. This is an exercise we always take to help us grow. We take it seriously. (Surely, we will find some time to celebrate our victories as well.)

For a company like ours, we maintain a mentality that is in a constant state of growth. Sure, the meat and potatoes (supercars and racetracks) will remain the same, but improvements occur day in day out at XX.

check in and merchandise trailer

Our new trailer and check-in booth!

Some of the major changes of the year might have happened without you noticing. One of the biggest changes we made involved our check-in/registration process. We added a trailer that allowed us to become better equipped for weather conditions, also allowing us to house our merchandise and display it better for all to see. In the past, we had to constantly adjust to conditions. 

We gave our New Orleans garage a huge facelift and added the Huracan to the fleet. Another notable adjustment to the fleet that took place was when we phased out our EVO’s and added FOUR Chevy SS’s as lead cars. Something we’ve received a lot of questions about. This change was made to help our lead car drivers keep ahead of all you speeders out there!

bachelor bachelorette party new orleans nola motorsports park xtreme xperience

Not only did we add events in markets we have never been to, including our first trip to Canada, but we also own as many as 5 Huracan’s to keep up with demand. Additionally, we brought back the GT-R for all you JDM fans out there. It’s hard to say goodbye to Godzilla. We sure missed having a Nissan in the fleet anyway. 

Although there were various other changes, ranging from site updates to staff additions, the important thing to note is that XX will be even better next year and we’re laser-focused on making supercars more accessible than ever. 2019 will be our biggest year yet!

We can’t wait to kick off the 2019 tour, starting on the West Coast! How about you? Where will you join us next year? 


Take a look at what’s on the horizon:


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