From the Garage: We’re going for it!


No marathon gets easier, and we’re in this for the long haul. 

We now have over 40 events live for 2019. And to be honest, it’s a bit scary. This will be the most events we’ve ever scheduled to host in a single year.

If you caught my letter last week then you already know it’s all in an effort to double the size of our business in 3 years or less. If you missed that letter you can read it here on our blog.

Back in 2012 when we began, our fleet only had six cars in total that were carried by an open hauler. All of our equipment fit into a 10′ trailer towed by our friend’s Ford F150. We all had black polos which just barely constituted as a uniform and brought in family and friends to help run the events regularly. At the time we didn’t know what we were creating. We just knew that this was something fun and exciting and nothing we’d ever seen before. So we went for it.

Within 5 years we’ve grown our experience to be the best in the industry. We took the inaccessible and made it accessible to hundreds of thousands of people across North America. We even hosted events internationally in Guatemala (Catch up on that adventure in our 2015 recap here.)

We’ve hosted corporate events for some of the biggest companies in the world, and even hosted clients at a real Formula 1 race track! We’ve experienced highs and lows, wins and loses and everything in between. But what is always there is our desire to serve all of you and provide the experience you’ve always dreamed of.

Our marathon isn’t over yet… in fact, we’ve barely just begun.

Our goal to bring exotic car experiences to over 35 markets across North America is underway. That means more time on the road, more team members to manage, more equipment to store, nearly double the number of assets overall, and so much more. But it also means more smiling faces and more opportunities to share what we love with all of you.

We’re more excited than ever to see where the next year takes us and what opportunities come our way. I welcome you to join us in 2019 and experience all the new and amazing things we’re working, including the addition of the all-new Dodge Hellcat Widebody! (WE’RE STOKED)



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