Whatever the Mind Can Conceive and Believe, the Mind Can Achieve


 I’d like to share something with you that could possibly be the most pivotal moment in Xtreme Xperience history.

Join me back in 2016…

napolean hill quote

These words begin Cameron Herold’s book, Double Double: How to Double Your Revenue and Profit in 3 Years or Less.

Herold begins by outlining a concept called “Vivid Vision,” a detailed vision of the future for what your business will look like if you were to double in size. It’s one thing to want to double the size of your business, but it’s another to actually do it. To really make it happen, Herold says, you need a “sharp focus” on what you’ll look like in the future and work towards that direction in unison.

… so that’s what we did.

Nearly 3 years ago our team sat down and discussed our vision for the future of Xtreme Xperience and developed what we call today our 2020 Vision.

2020 vision book magazine

In it, we detailed everything about our people, the company culture, our product offerings, our corporate experiences, our appearance and our exposure across the nation. This practice wasn’t so much about the process of ‘how’ and ‘why,’ it was all about the grand vision of ‘what does this look like in 3 years time?’

So we laid it all on the table and agreed on a direction that would take our experience to new heights.

In 2016 we hosted 19 events at 12 different racetracks across the country and had just started up our permanent location in New Orleans, LA. Our staff was growing but still didn’t tick the needle passed 15 full-time employees and we had just moved into a new office space nearly double the size of our first space.

Fast forward to today and we’re preparing to host our biggest year yet. In 2019 we’re hitting 35 locations and hosting 50 events across the nation, including 3 events internationally in Canada! Our team has more than doubled in size and by April 2019 we will have settled into our new 50,000+ sqft office space (nearly 5x larger than our current space!)

All this growth means dozens of new full-time jobs, tens of thousands more customers to be served, and many new challenges to solve. But it also means amazing new opportunities are on the horizon for all of us including you.

On behalf of the Xtreme Team, thanks for being a part of it. We’re excited to share what’s next! 

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