Kick-off Summer with Four Weeks of Freedom


Make your summer Xtreme with these FOUR FREE DEALS!

There are few things that exist on this Earth that are greater than summertime. For us, it means we’re in the heart of our tour, exploring more racetracks, new limits, and we get to meet more people like yourself. Oh, and racing. There’s LOTS of racing going on (our second favorite part of summer).

For many others, it means a thousand different things, but the sum of them can be boiled down to FREEDOM. Nothing is more valuable than having added time in our day, allowing us to get out and do more. Summer lends us the opportunity to do more of the things we LOVE doing most.

Extra daylight means more time to soak up the Sun, BBQ with friends, wash your car (for once), and of course, turn more laps on the track. Ultimately, you have hours on top of hours to live in the moment, create more memories, and share new experiences – and we totally dig that.

xtreme xperience 4 weeks of freedom sale

To make sure you get the most out of your summer 2016, we are going to give you four weeks of free deals to help you get to the track. At the start of each week in July, we will be announcing new offers for you to take advantage of.


Deal of Week



This deal only last for 1 week! So book now, while you still can.

week four summer promotion xtreme xperience 15% off

If you’ve waited until the final week of July to find a way to beat the summer heat, it might have just paid off! We’re halfway through our touring season, and spots are filling up quicker than a GT-R in launch mode! Just like the previous 4 weeks of FREEdom deals, this one is only live for 1 week. So, make sure you book some track time your favorite supercar, using promo-code ‘SUMMER15’ and we’ll take 15% off your entire purchase on

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging this last week did ya? We thought you knew that wasn’t our style. Who are we kidding? We know you all love a little discount here and there to help, sweeten the deal. Remember this deal only applies to upcoming 2016 markets, which only leaves us with 12 events remaining. Now the only thing left to to do, is for you to pick a racetrack to release your inner speed demon. Ready? GO!

Remaining events – 2016 Tour:

M1 Concourse – Pontiac, MI: Aug 5-7

Palmer Motorsports Park – Ware, MA: Aug 13-14

Autobahn Country Club – Joliet, IL: Aug 19-21

Gateway Motorsports Park – Madison, IL: Sep 8

Driveway Austin – Austin, TX: Sep 17-18

New Jersey Motorsports Park – Millville, NJ: Sep 23-25

Pitt Race – Wampum, PA: Oct 6-9

Michigan Intl Speedway – Brooklyn, MI: Oct 14-16

Autobahn Country Club – Joliet, IL: Oct 21-23

The FIRM – Jasonville, FL: Nov 4-5

Atlanta Motorsports Park – Dawsonville, GA: Nov 11-13

Wild Horse Pass – Chandler, AZ: Dec 2-4

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Past Deals:

week one summertime promotion xtreme xperience expired

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week two summertime promotion xtreme xperience expired

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