Do you know what the key to happiness is?


The road to happiness starts with an experience. You already have the keys.

When asked, most Xtreme Xperience employees will tell you that ‘we love our jobs,’ but the reason why may not be exactly what you’re thinking. For many, it’s because we have so many opportunities to share our experiences with you, from track-to-track. Each time the road-crew returns, we hear dozens of stories about how their days were made, simply from hearing how amazing your Supercar Track Xperience was that day.

We started thinking about why those stories made such big impressions on us, and why we love hearing them so much. At that point, we realized that sharing those experiences with you is equally as gratifying as those who are spending the day at Xtreme Xperience. It’s the emotion, it’s the memory and the power of said experiences that will last each of us a lifetime. Let’s be honest, this can’t be the first time you’ve heard someone say, “that experience changed my life forever.” is it? 

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We were intrigued, so we did some research. That’s when I discovered that happiness and the makeup of our personality corresponds to our lives’ experiences – at least science tells us so. No one messes with SCIENCE!

Here’s what we learned:

“By shifting the investments that societies make and the policies they pursue, they can steer large populations to the kinds of experiential pursuits that promote greater happiness,” write Gilovich and his coauthor, Amit Kumar, in their recent article in the academic journal Experimental Social Psychology.
– (The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things – Fast.Co Exist)

In support of their theory that shared experiences and happiness were interconnected, the article proved the fact that buying material objects essentially has a shelf life, in terms of happiness. Look we’re not saying that tracking a supercar once, is better than owning it, but having a supercar and never experiencing it on the track seems like a wasted opportunity. So you might as well get all the thrills with none of the bills!

Let that sink in for a minute, and really think about it. That new drill you bought touched every corner of the house the first six months you owned it, you were happy things were fixed, and heck yeah, that new “toy” was worth every penny. Today… well that poor little guy’s batteries are a pain to keep charged up, and you have to dig it out from the bottom drawer of your tool shed, each time you need it. The satisfaction of being a faux master craftsman is long gone, and your drill just became the equivalent of a garage queen (a car that just sits in the garage). According to Gilovich, you adapt to your possessions and it because of part of your new “normal”.

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Investing in shared experiences are like storing happiness – in a piggy bank of memories.

Some people may question whether or not “simply” going to some experience is really worth it, and you may not know whether the juice is worth the squeeze at first, but trust us, they’re all worth their weight in gold. What we love most about our participants is their feedback after driving a supercar for the first time. Reason being, is that many people come to a realization that: a) they just drove a car they never thought they’d sit in, and b) what they have learned on the track is invaluable knowledge that can be applied to everyday driving. They’ve now created a supplemental skill, that will live with them forever. We can guarantee that you will not forget the first time you drove a Ferrari 100+mph.

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SWISH! That was Andrew putting the “ball” in the metaphorical net we were shooting for. If you invest in the right experiences, you don’t just have a “cool” story to tell about a beach on a vacation; you have a story about how you learned how to surf, make pasta from scratch, jump off a cliff, or take a turn at 100mph with a 500+ hp supercar. These types of experiences we have, where we look at the big picture and take away something valuable, becomes engraved in each of us.

If you’re scared to jump, take the leap. If you’re thinking, ‘I’m probably too old…’ it’s never too late to start. If you’re wondering if it’s ‘really worth the money?’ that shouldn’t hold you back, because money can’t buy happiness, and we’ve never seen a sad person in a Lamborghini. 😉

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