2015 Was One Helluva Year


Xtreme Evolves Into The Nation’s Premier Supercar Experience in 2015.

When we started the year, we knew that we wanted to grow and improve every aspect of Xtreme. This way, we could provide each participant with an elevated experience, solidifying our program as the Nation’s Premier Experience. So, we drew up a plan that would put us in the same league as the “big boys”. That plan included the addition of new supercars, visiting new racetracks, integrating new resources and technology, higher safety standards, and introducing more thrill seekers and car enthusiasts to our program. When it was go-time, we packed up, hit the road and put the plan into action. So, how did it pan out?

This is how 2015 became the year of Xtreme

Making Xtreme Great

Over the course of three years, we’ve added new equipment, new processes, and new personnel. All of the additions and individual changes we’ve made were strategically put into place to help us run a better, safer and more exciting experience.

We needed a home that we were proud to put our name on, which is why we’re excited to talk about the new headquarters of Xtreme Xperience, located in Chicago, IL. In years past, we spent a significant amount of time shuffling around our supercars and equipment from one side of the garage to the other, while cramming into tight quarters as a means to get the job done. If you’ve been following us on our social channels, you would have likely seen all the fun we’ve been having with our new space, which accommodates our staff and all of our equipment. Certainly, this is a big plus for all of us here at the office, as it has had a huge impact on our ability to keep up the pace into 2016.

image xtreme xperience headquarters garage

The Garage of Xtreme

We put a major focus on safety in 2015 (and beyond) by leading the industry in track safety standards. Assisting us with our initiatives both on and off the track is our Safety Director, Jim Johnson. Jim has worked with XX to develop these standards, as he brings over 20 years of racing experience to our staff. More importantly, he is a former Captain of the Santa Fe Fire Department. Jim travels with us to ensure that every turn of the racetrack is in proper condition for the speeds we will be traveling, while working beside our Technicians to determine, whether or not our supercars will turn laps. Having Jim’s expertise with us on the road, and alongside of our team, is a big step for us in terms of safety and sustainability of our program. Thanks Jim!

image xtreme xperience team at annual safety training event rear in review

#TeamXtreme putting out fires at annual safety training

Gaining Traction

A big part of Xtreme’s culture involves setting goals and then crushing them! Being said, there are several accomplishments we could list, all of which occurred over the past 12 months. The biggest milestone of them all was completing our 100th Event in December. With a strong finish in sight, the team made sure every customer at our 100th event would have the chance to feel the excitement and level of energy we had, as we put number 100 in the books.

image of xtreme xperience event collage for 100th event

100 events with another 100 on the horizon

Enhanced Xperience

We realize that there are so many participants who are hopping into an exotic supercar for their time. Which is why we go out of our way to ensure that each stage of your experience is not only memorable, but ready to be captured by our professionals (Click HERE to see past event photos). Often times, you will see our media team snapping photos at each corner of the event, but also maintaining our video equipment in the supercars. Cameras at the ready, be sure to get your photo next to your favorite supercar when you see them walking by.

2015 was the year we decided to retire the use of GoPros inside the cabin of the cars. Sayonara! We went with a professional series of technology used by motorsports teams and individuals alike. The system is called Race-Keeper HDX2, and it allows us to capture additional footage using dual HD cameras mounted to the interior of the car. One camera is facing outward, and the other camera gives you an in-car perspective. This way, you can check out all the ridiculous faces you’ll be making, while accelerating into triple-digit speeds! In addition to the cameras there’s a mic inside to capture all the dialogue between you and your instructor while you’re driving, queue the bleeps!

If you haven’t seen what a Race-Keeper video looks like? Get a look at the video below.

image xtreme xperience photo and video media packageDon’t miss out on this chance to relive the most Xtreme drive of your life! Add Photo & Video to your Xtreme Xperience, HERE.

They made it. Where were you?

We’ve had some all-stars out at the track in 2015, some of which you may recognize. It seemed like each event we went to, someone showed up, making the day more Xtreme. We had visitors ranging from pro-drivers (various motorsports), to celebrities like The Hurt Locker’s Anthony Mackie, and even NFL Athletes like Justin Drescher. Pretty rad, right?

Image Tweets from the track by Anthony Mackie and Justin Drescher with xtreme xperience

Tweets from the track by Anthony Mackie and Justin Drescher

We were lucky enough to have some influencers from the car-universe come out for a few laps with us. If you have ever spent time on YouTube, looking for reviews of your favorite cars, there’s a good chance you’ve come across SaabKyle04’s channel. Kyle is a car fanatic who has spends countless hours researching cars and finds a way to get his hands on them. Once he’s achieved that, he captures it on video, followed by a post to YouTube, for us all to enjoy. He’ll review just about any car that sparks his interest. In fact, you can find reviews on anything from classic cars, up to rare hypercars on his channel. We wanted to give him the chance to Xperience some of his favorites on the track, so we let him take out few cars at Atlanta Motorsports Park – check it out. Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel either.

Perhaps, you’re like many of us at Xtreme, and you practically LIVE off of Jalopnik (Fact: a few of our employees are unable to communicate until they’ve filled their mental banks full of Jalopy-Copy) as a source for car news and what have yous. Well then, you might have seen BlackFlag‘s editor, Stef Schrader, tell her story about her Supercar Track Xperience at Driveway Austin.

Get to know Stef, and you’ll agree that this GIF sums her Xperience in the Ferrari 458 Italia quite well. Follow Stef Schrader on twitter for tons of hilarious auto adventures, @stefthepef.

image stef schrader in ferrari 458 xtreme xperience year review

Stef, Puffalump, and Mental

Broadening Our Horizons

If you’re part of the League of Xtreme, you already know that each and every year, we travel to just about 20 racetracks around the US. We setup our calendar at the beginning of the year and then start making our rounds. Well, on occasion we get to stop by a few additional circuits, and in 2015 we boarded an international flight and took the Xperience to a new country!

image of xtreme xperience latam at guatemala's circuit year review

XX Latam in full effect!

At the top of our list, there is almost nothing more deserving than our month long series of events, in Guatemala. Just as we hit the ‘States by storm, Xtreme Xperience Latam brought a fleet of supercars to Autodromo Pedro Cofiño, and introduced our Supercar Track Xperience to South America. Smoky volcanoes, tropical forests, and thousands of supercar fans surrounded the track.

See more about our adventures in Guatemala by checking out the Xtreme Xperience Latam social media pages:

All within 2015, we made two additional, and equally as epic trips to racetracks we never expected to bring XX. In case you missed it, we had the honor of driving our supercars on the USGP’s very own, Circuit Of The Americas, and the legendary Barber Motorsports Park, which is home to the HONDA Indy Grand Prix of Alabama.

You might be wondering why you didn’t see reservation pages for these two tracks on XXSPEED.com, and that’s because we were brought there to host Private/Corporate Events. In other words, our event staff got extremely lucky, as they all had the privilege of visiting and driving on two of the greatest road courses in the US.

Get a glimpse of XX at COTA and Barber.

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A Pair of Flat 6’s, Snarling V10’s, Hissing Turbos & Whining ‘Chargers

There may not be a better way to describe Xtreme’s junior year than this, “Boys never actually grow up, their toys just get bigger and more expensive.” So what big boy toys did we end up with? A grown a** man’s R8 V10, we somehow managed to score two Lamborghini LP 610-4 Huracáns. After that, we started flexing some American Muscle with the addition of the Corvette Z06. But wait, there’s more! We reintroduced Porsche, with addition of two 911 GT3s (991), just to give the hardcore track fans something to shout about. Speaking of… you may have noticed two new track-stars leading the pack at Xtreme events. We worked with a local tuner shop, TF Works to put together two of the sickest lead cars for our instructors to drive, and you to Xperience. Effectively giving you an economic way to have a track experience, with a Pro. This is known as our High Speed Evo Thrill Ride, click HERE to learn more about it.

image xtreme xperience fleet of supercars at pitt race

We quickly realized that we just stepped up our game, in a big way. However, it wasn’t just an improvement to our list of drivable-dream-machines, it was our Most Xtreme Fleet to-date. This was the most well rounded selection of supercars you could experience across the entire country. People traveled with us from state-to-state, just to get one more drive in the cars of their dreams. Heck, some people actually went out and bought one, after finally validating that, a) they could handle driving said car, and b) it was everything they had dreamed of. Admittedly, we’re just happy to give you the chance to get the track, and leave saying ‘I drove that car’.

I could set the mic down and walk away right now, but I had to leave you with some sexy shots of these cars before I go.


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