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2015 just got even more Xtreme!

photos of xtreme xperience fleet of supercars in 2015

Huracán season has begun!

Despite having recently added two flagship cars (Porsche 911 GT3 and Audi R8 V10) to our lineup, we were left stunned when taking delivery of two Lamborghini Huracáns. As of today, our fleet of supercars is larger than it has ever been. With an ever growing list of exotics available to U.S. consumers, the demand to see them in action is at an all time high. We are happy to oblige our customers, with requests for variety, by widening our lineup to include a McLaren, Nissan GT-R and the Porsche GT3; helping to balance out the power-players, that are Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Photo of xtreme xperience lamborghinis, porsche, and R8 supercars

The Rosso Mars Lambo in Pole Position

The devil in the red dress lays down 602hp, and turns out a 0-60 time of 3.2sec, but will surely get a run for its money on the racetrack. The Porsche GT3 has continued to gain a greater respect amongst our staff and customer base. Meanwhile, the German cousin of the Lamborghini’s, the Audi R8, continues to be a work horse, that looks stunning in Suzuka Gray Metallic!

Photo of xtreme xperience supercars: Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari, and Nissan GT-R

Let’s play, chase the V10!

There’s a thin line between which of our supercars we like most, however, when comparing the Huracáns there’s certainly no gray area – as we love them both equally. While the Rosso Mars (red) Lambo is stunning and a bonafide head-turner, the depth of the Grigio Lynx (Gray) Huracán provides that dark knight – batmanesque – side of Lambo, that we know and love.

Following the Huracán are three ghosts, appearing only as flashes on the track, as they are a few of the fastest supercars on the road today. The McLaren MP4-12c and Ferrari 458 Italia are giants that are held in check by the GT-R, better known as, Godzilla. It’s by far, the most “economic” supercar in our fleet, yet it is capable of holding its own around the track.

photo red lamborghini huracan xtreme xperience

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As promised in 2014, this will be our biggest year yet! Recent releases of upcoming supercars such as the Corvette Z06, Ford GT Concept, and the Acura NSX along with several others, have us salivating – yet again. We know that you’ve taken notice as well. Jotting down every request from our fans, we continually add them to our list of dream cars, day in and day out. Although, we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath… we can all keep our fingers crossed, as we anxiously wait for the next chance to drool over a new exotic in our fleet.

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