Shelby Gave Us The Mustang We Use Today

2009 Ford Mustang GT

If you’ve been to one of our events then you know that we have professional drivers leading our pack of Supercars in stock Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros, and sometimes a BMW 3 Series. As of lately our Pro’s love the Mustang because it’s been taking beatings all year long on the track, and has held its’ own amongst some of the most iconic cars in the automotive industry. The reason we have them drive Mustangs is in no way to limit your experience on the track. It’s to show you that it’s not the car that makes the driver, the driver makes the car.

And thanks to the Ford Motor Company and the influence of Carroll Shelby back in 1964 we have what we know today as a true American muscle car, The Ford Mustang. Check out how Shelby took the “secretary’s car” and turned it into a thoroughbred race car that’s standing the test of time!

Have you been itching to get behind the wheel of a Supercar and experience the pure adrenaline of driving around a racetrack!? Well now it’s easier than ever, click here to see our schedule for the rest of 2013. Or take advantage of our pace car ride alongs for only $45 in the iconic Ford Mustang with a pro driver!