“Porsche 918 Could Be Quicker,” Says Marc Lieb


Mark Lieb, the multiple Nurburgring 24-Hour champion claimed that while setting the record lap around the Nurburgring in the Porsche 918 hybrid supercar he wasn’t going full out like he does on an ultimate qualifying run for a race. With some further tuning and pushing the limits even more it’s possible for the 918 Spyder to be even QUICKER around the Nurburgring! Like under 7 minutes isn’t crazy enough already. Porsche will most certainly have to keep pushing more and more now with the release of Ferrari’s LaFerrari and McLaren’s P1 if, and when, they claim the record away from them.

If you haven’t seen the record setting lap around the Nurburgring by Marc Lieb in the Porsche 918 we’ve reposted it here for you.