Build your own Custom Lamborghini


What would you do to custom build your own custom Lamborghini?


In the world of customization & personalization that we live in today, what would you do to make your raging bull stand out from the crowd? Some sick paint job – scratch that plastidip and vinyl paint wraps are all the rage. How about a killer interior that’s like nothing else? Or are you the type to add some custom rims and a body kit? Whatever it is, it’s all yours and no one can tell you what not to do.

With Lamborghini’s AD Personam program you can pick and choose what you want your bull to look like, but their program can only do so much before it gets to be too much. There are plenty of tuners and custom shops that will do work for you like By Design, MSO, and the Deluxe Supercar Club of Vancouver and thousands of others – but what would you say that would make them go “WOW!”?

Simply Googling “Custom Lamborghini” can give you plenty of inspiration to choose from. So go ahead, let us know what you would do.

I’m sure you could come up with something more awesome than Lamborghini’s AD Personam sales video.

2013-07-24-lam1 customshoplambo---1 edo_lp710_audigier_018-1222-950x673 john-olson-camouflage-lamborghini-2 john-olson-camouflage-lamborghini-5 lamborghini_reventon_custom_nuclear_edition_by_cuber-d6vd82n Lamborghini-Aventador-LP700-4-Mansory-Custom-Steering-Wheel Divider

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