What makes the perfect gift?


It’s a valid question. There was a time when I thought I knew the answer, but lately it seems that gifting has grown up a lot over the past few years and the perfect gift can be a wide variety of things. In my opinion the perfect gift has always been something that I knew went along with the persons interests. It was usually always a material item, and something I knew they would get use out of. But if you follow that logic that could be a cookbook… and let’s be honest, how exciting can a cookbook be?

To get more perspective on the topic, I hosted a survey and reached out to a database of subscribers and asked them a simple question:

When I give a gift I look for…

  1. something new and adventurous
  2. something the whole family can enjoy
  3. something specific just for them
  4. something the two of us can enjoy together

Although it’s a very simple question, which I kept that way by design, the results I’ve found are pretty interesting. To start, the answer choices I offered were based on recent trends I’ve noticed over the past few years within my family & friends. 

As the results came in, I was quite surprised by what people look for when they give a gift. Nearly 40% of our customers said they still look for something specific just for the person receiving the gift, which is understandable. There are gifts, whether material or immaterial, that can be perfect “just for them” gifts.

What surprised me more was that just over 26% look for something new and adventurous to give as a gift while another 16% said they look for something they can enjoy together. I began to think about it and really these two categories were quite similar in nature. 

If you’re giving a gift that’s new and adventurous, you’re most likely going to join the person on the adventure. And if you’re gifting something the two of you can enjoy together, then you’ll possibly find something new and adventurous to enjoy. 

Whether or not this is the case, I believe there has to be some degree of overlap between these two which means that there is a possible 42% of gifting that is purely experiential. 

The real gift in this case was a memory. Creating lifelong memories, especially positive and impactful memories, are some of the greatest gifts we can ever give. A memory isn’t something someone can outgrow, or lose interest in. There’s no limit to how long they’ll enjoy it for. 

We all have moments in our daily lives when our memory is sparked by something and we feel like we are able to go back in time and enjoy it again. Simply knowing that we’ve given someone a lifelong memory is truly gratifying. That’s the key to a perfect gift, that’s what makes us search for the right gift to give.

So whatever the occasion may be, give a gift that will create a memory they’ll be able to cherish for a lifetime!

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