4 Simple Ways to Learn a New Track


Top performance driving tips on how to learn a new track for the first time.

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Visiting a new track is always fun, but make sure you do your research first. It can be quite intimidating driving on a racetrack for the first time, and no less doing so in a 500+ horsepower supercar doesn’t make it any easier. Our customers range from total beginners to local track champions, but even if you’re a pro-am race car driver, there’s a few things you should always do before driving a new track.

Here’s a list our top 4 tips for learning a new track:

Watch Video

Enjoy the age we live in today, and use what information is already out there. On YouTube you can find in-car video of nearly any track in the world which can help you learn the line before you go drive it yourself. By utilizing video and studying a map of the track you can discover the different sections of the track which can help your flow when you drive it for the first time. 

Ask Around

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Take advantage of the locals who drive the track regularly. Most would love to share their knowledge and talk driving, it’s just what car and racing enthusiasts do. Their insights will payoff in the long run the most. They’ll talk about anything from the different sections of the track to entry speeds and braking zones which give you a much more clear picture of what to expect than watching a video.


New age technology has its place in the racing world. Most will claim it’s not the same, and they’re right. However driving simulators have become very popular and very effective at improving your driving. Depending on what you use (video games with a steering wheel controller or the more developed, racing simulators like the Eleetus full motion simulator) you can learn a lot about performance driving and be able to apply some of that to your own track time.

Discovery Laps

Aside from asking around, if you get the opportunity to ride with an instructor or a local – take them up on their offer. Seeing the track first hand is always the best when learning a new track. Pay attention to where certain sections begin and others end. By discovering how to string the corners together is where you’ll gain the most knowledge from them.

At the end of the day the only true way to really improve your skills is through practice and becoming knowledgeable, and the best way to become knowledgeable is to jump in a car with an instructor and take some high-speed discovery laps, in our lead cars. At Xtreme Xperience we offer you the opportunity to do just that with our instructors and enhance your experience for when you have your Supercar Xperience!

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