Epic Track Battle with TF Works EVO X and Porsche GT3


Can a TF Works, track prepped Mitsubishi EVO X, hold off a 991 Porsche GT3 at the track?

At a recent event, our friends at Zero To 60 Times showed up to Hallett Motor Racing Circuit near Tulsa, OK, and needless to say they’re big fans of speed! Equipped with GoPros, and an appetite for some supercar track time, our team made sure they had the chance to get some exclusive footage for their site, and YouTube Channel (check them out). Not having met our mean-mugging Mitsubishi’s before, and they were about to find out what they were capable of on the track.

image mitsubishi evo x by tf works at xtreme xperience

TF Works EVO X – Are you ready for a Thrill Ride?

If you’re an early bird who’s after the worm, showing up to the track in the am will allow you to catch our instructors warming up the cars for the day. This gives everyone a chance to see and hear these cars at speed, while making time for some great photos and videos. Based on visibility from areas accessible by Pit Pass holders, you’re likely going to miss out on the wheel-to-wheel action happening on the track. Here’s some on-track footage of our instructors warm-up laps, where our EVO fends off a snarling Porsche.

Watch This Epic Battle Between a Porsche 911 GT3 & EVO X

That TF Works EVO sure can hold its own, can’t it? You can get the full chase experience, while riding shotgun in the EVO X, as our lead instructors take you around the track for a thrill ride xperience. Click HERE to learn more.

Can you believe that a 4-cylinder Mitsubishi can cover that amount of ground, and keep ahead of 500+hp supercars? Pretty unbelievable. After the instructors hopped out, the Zero to 60 team had their chance to get up close and personal with our fleet of supercars, and take a few of them for a drive. Here’s how their day went with Xtreme Xperience, click HERE.

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