The Bigger and Better Roads of Texas


It’s no wonder that Texas is notorious for doing everything just a bit bigger. 

At a staggering 261,914 square miles, Texas stands as the second largest state behind Alaska and the largest in the continental United States. Cities like Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio are well known for their massive personalities, legendary food, rising art scenes, and iconic music festivals. From the great plains of northwest Texas to the salty estuaries of the Gulf, there is an incredible array of natural environments within this incredible state to go along with its dynamic cities. Every wayward soul has a home in Texas. 

On top of being of the largest states, Texas also happens to be car crazy, hosting events like Formula 1 United States Grand Prix every year and offering dozens and dozens of incredible driving roads that flow through its dramatic landscape. 

After scouting Texas for our epic Open Road events, we wanted to share the epic Texas Three Sisters drive with you. These three highways take those willing to grapple with the challenge on an epic journey through the Texas Hill Country and it will leave you breathless. 

Ranch To Market Road/ Route 337

Running from Lost Maples Winery to Camp Wood, Ranch To Market Road / Route 337 is the kind of road that dreams are made of and it starts the Three Sisters Journey right. 

Snaking through the epic region known as the Texas Hill Country for around 35 miles, Route 337 cuts a path through the canyonlands of Hill Country and traverses dramatic buttes of weathered limestone. Originally designed as a road for moving farm goods to market, it travels the natural bath of canyons and ridges leading you to stomp on the brakes to stop for several breathtaking views. Along the way, you can explore the Lost Maples Natural Area, which is especially engrossing in the fall and offers wildlife viewing of everything from Eagles to Javelinas. 


To entice drivers (or riders) the road offers some of the largest elevation changes in Texas, climbing to over 2000 feet in some locations, along with an incredible series of switchbacks that are built to thrill and challenge drivers. In one 15 mile section near Vanderpool, there are over 65 corners to entice drivers of all skill levels. Trust us when we say that his road is built for the superhero heroics of a supercar and you won’t be able to wipe the grin off of your face. 

You’ll end up in the small (706 people small) town of Camp Wood, but despite its small size, Camp Wood has one huge draw. The epic Nueces river gives weary travelers the opportunity to cool off in its beautiful, turquoise waters and enjoy everything from a plunge into the “Quince” pool to a gentle flat next to the cliffs. You’ll feel like you’re a million miles away from everything and yet you’re not far off the main highway. 

Camp Wood to Texas Twisted Sister Corner / Route 335

Flowing along the Nueces River, Highway 335 travels up from Camp Wood to the aptly named Texas Twisted Sisters Corner. This leg of the journey is remote and quiet and travels through a natural area that is filled with hunting lodges that cater to those looking to hunt native Whitetail Deer, native birds, and more. 

Beyond the stunning natural landscape of the road itself, adventurers should check out the Devil’s Sinkhole Natural Area in nearby Rocksprings for a Texas-sized adventure. Every evening, over 3 million (yes, we said million) bats careen out of a massive cave and consume over 30 TONS of insects in a single evening. In addition to the bats, nearby Kickapoo Caverns provide adventurers the opportunity to tour another cave system, along with enjoying hiking, biking, and more. 

In just 40 miles, you’ll experience the best that Texas has to offer. 

Texas Twisted Sisters NW Corner to Leakey / 336

Completing the Three Sister loop is the twisting and diving road section known as Highway 336. 

Following the West Frio River valley, this snaking section of road offers both epic views of ranches and some of the most technical driving on the Three Sisters journey. Reducing radius corners that are loaded with native cedar and pecan trees line the highway as steep dropoffs without guardrails show that this drive is not for the faint of heart. 

After trying to catch your breath, you’ll end up in the small town of Leakey where lunch at the biker hangout known as the Bent Rim Grill and floating under the pecan trees on the Frio River are within easy reach of any weary traveler who wants to take a load off. 

Hit the corners hard and then take it easy, this is the Texas way of living. 

Texas Is Made For Supercars

Traveling the Three Sisters loop in a supercar is an experience that you’ll never forget.

Supercars are purpose-built vehicles that are designed from vehicles that go through the gauntlet of motorsport. This means they are not only designed to provide thrilling, visceral acceleration, but also provide a level of handling prowess that will make tackling the Three Sisters a true thrill. From the sound of a Porsche flat-six to the rumble of a Lamborghini Huracan V10, driving a supercar in the Texas Hill Country will be an experience you’ll never forget. 

We offer half-day tours in the beautiful Texas Hill Country and give you the opportunity to explore this beautiful landscape in a way you never thought possible. You’ll drive a variety of supercars from the best manufacturers in the world and push the limit on some of the finest driving roads in the country. It’s just you and the Open Road. 

What are you waiting for? Come drive Open Road in Texas today!