Sure, your Aventador needs a wide body kit


Coverage from SEMA this year showed us all, that custom wide body performance cars, are the ambassadors of CarPorn. Somebody even dubbed it, The Rocket Bunny Show. Despite the antics, Liberty Walk (LB Performance) enjoys taking some serious supercars, and tearing them apart; only to then piece them back together, creating one of the baddest versions in existence! Each installment from the Japan based shop, are all uniquely designed to reflect the lifestyle of Liberty Walk. In bold fashion, they take on one of the most exotic looking cars to dress in LB livery – the Aventador.

The unveiling of the newest collaboration between LB Performance and Forgiato was highly anticipated by the car community. As a matter of fact, it’s the reason why this year’s coverage from Vegas has been an absolute drool fest! So, we figured we’d share these face melting photos with you, in case you haven’t seen any pictures of the supercar yet. Check it out.

Captivate — Forgiato Innovate — Forgiato Fireball — Forgiato Driven — Forgiato Details — Forgiato

So, if you have roughly $38k, and (this is a key ingredient) an Aventador, you too can have a custom, wide body, Liberty Walk Aventador! (Wouldn’t that be nice?!)

Photography – by Pepper Yandell

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