Supercar Academy is BACK!


Our first Supercar Academy Xperience is in the books. So, how did it go?

For those of you who do not know what Supercar Academy with Xtreme Xperience is, it is a half-day program that offers you the chance to experience 4 exclusive supercars on a world-class Indy Grand Prix racetrack in New Orleans. Now, this is not just 4 supercar driving packages, oh no. It’s an actual program that features:

  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • 4 extended track sessions
  • 1 skidpad exercise
  • 3 interactive classes with video review to build the student’s driving skills over the course of the day.

So, basically heaven-on-earth for car enthusiasts, who want to learn how to go FAST!

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We introduced Supercar Academy to our customers in the past, but it was much different back then. This year, we decided to relaunch the program. With the time and resources available at our home track, we could now focus the right amount of energy into making you a better, safer, and faster driver. In fact, that is our mission, and we welcome you to join us.

“This team has created a template for an experience that other industries only yearn to create.”

-Carl Turnley

Just over a week ago, we had our first Academy member arrive to the track to meet our team and get acquainted with four of the baddest supercars on the planet! His name is Carl Turnley, and he’s a big IndyCar Racing fan. Look him up on the web, and you’ll quickly understand how important it is to him, to understand how to properly pilot a vehicle – at speed – around a racetrack. We’re confident he came to the right place.

We were equally excited as Carl, to kick-off Supercar Academy at NOLA and smooth out any bumps in the road we might encounter. How do you think it went?

Our first Supercar Academy member experiences NOLA Motorsports Park

first customer xtreme xperience supercar academy instruction

Carl and Christian “Mental” Ward discuss the program

first customer xtreme xperience supercar academy class room instruction

Professor Mental and his 1st Supercar Academy Student

“The Team exceeded my expectation as they educated on the sport, shared passion of the sport, and provided tremendous customer service & professionalism beyond the status quo of what companies offer today.”

-Carl Turnley

first customer xtreme xperience supercar academy celebration 1

It’s time to celebrate!

first customer xtreme xperience supercar academy celebration 2

A smile that big only tells us his time was well spent.

Following the academy session, our team debriefed us on how the day went, and what feedback they received from Carl. According to our team, we need to make some adjustments and create some efficiencies, but we figured we would either way. They also told us that Carl enjoyed his time, and gave them positive feedback – which is great! Not much longer after we discussed that feedback, did we receive word from our team that a gift had come in from Carl, thanking them for everything he learned that day. THANKS CARL!

We wanted to share his feedback with you. Here it is below:

customer feedback gift xtreme xperience supercar academy nola customer feedback letter xtreme xperience supercar academy NOLA

Do you want to spend half of a day behind the wheel of a supercar? Then you’re ready for our Supercar Academy.

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