You’re ready for the spring, how about your car?


It’s time to get your car ready for car meet and track season. 

gray metallic gtr washed with towelHopefully, by now you can actually see your lawn and you can toss the snowblower back in the good ol’ shed.

While you’re at it, grab your wash mitt and soap bucket. It’s that time of the year to get all that dust and grime off of your car, making that hunk of metal shine once again. And we’re going to help you get the job done right! 

Maybe you’re not much of DIY person and could use a few pointers on how to get that car back in shape after being confined to the garage all winter. No worries there. We’ve got you covered. 

Recently, we got our hands on some new car wash products and decided to make a short video on how we take care of our supercars after being on track all weekend.

It’s important to read the labels and recomended uses on the back of the products you buy and/or test them on small areas before use. With that said, not every vehicle will have the same results, and each car should be treated differently. 

WATCH: We give the GT-R an Honest Wash, and run you through proper cleaning techniques. 

Juan’s tips to get your car looking squeaky clean!

  1. Make sure the car has cooled down before you begin to wash it
  2. Spray down the car and try to force away loose dust and debris
  3. Use a high-quality car wash soap and mix the soap thoroughly before using
  4. Spay on wheel cleaner and let it sit while you begin washing the car
  5. Use a bug and tar remover on the front end of your car if needed. Let sit and then rub with your wash mitt or a soft brush
  6. Use a plush, soft, microfiber brush and mitt to wash the car and get leverage on broad surfaces of the vehicle (like the hood/roof)
  7. Use a wheel and tire brush to get in between spokes and scrub the heck out of your wheels
  8. Spray down your car. Remember, start at the top and work your way down.
  9. Inspect the car. Hit areas 1 more time if needed
  10. Don’t let your car dry off without wiping it down. Water spots will develop if you do.
  11. Dry with a microfiber towel or a chamois – or Juan will come after you 😬 
  12. If you’re using a microfiber towel, do not rub a dry car with a dry towel. This will leave swirls in your clear-coat.
  13. At this point, you’re ready for the advanced stuff, like wax/polish and conditioners. We did not go over this in the review. 
gray gtr metallic rear ferrari in background

That’s it! No seriously, that’s all we did to make this baby glisten. If you want to know more about how Juan details our cars, comment below or follow him on Instagram @juan_xx_gsxr and shoot him a message.

About Honest Wash Car Care:
Honest Wash’s product is new on the market, and we were not paid for this review. However, they did ship our product for free, in exchange for an honest review. Hence the video.

Honest Wash was founded by the guys over at and our in-house vinyl wrap professionals, WrapForm, recommended we give it a shot. If you’re interested, you can find out more about their products HERE.

gray metallic gtr headlight

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