Our Supercars Take on a Texas Sized Snowstorm


It’s a showdown in the south! Will our supercars make it through a snowstorm? 

On this week’s Vlog, we’re taking you behind the scenes of an epic battle with mother nature, as we host back-to-back events in the South.

Join Stephen and the XX Road Crew, as we suit up for a snow-filled track day at Driveway Austin (TX) and head to Hallett Motor Speedway (OK) to cap off our final events of the season (2017). 

Watch VLOG Episode 3: 

Who remembers the wild snowstorms that formed along the Southwestern region during December 2017?

We certainly do! Here we are, all excited to get out of town for the weekend to have some fun on track where it’s nice and warm, not to mention the fact that we were looking to close out the year strong. 

That’s when mother nature rears it’s ugly head and says “NOPE!” 

Nevertheless, we returned the next day to find some sun and just enough warmth to keep our tires up to temperature while you were driving on the track.

Afterall, those Michelin Pilot Sports do not like it when it’s chilly on the track. 

We have had a tremendous battle with weather in 2017. As you can imagine, it requires LOADS of issues when we have to make adjustments down to the minute, in order to host an event before moving the next city. 

Do you have any whacky weather driving stories? Share them with us in the comments below!

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