Porsche Mission E – All New Electric Sports Car Announced


Mission E – Head on

Porsche Mission E set to rival Tesla, with new electric sports car

“Porsche might not be saying it directly, but anyone taking even a quick glance can see the Germans are taking aim at Tesla with the freshly unveiled Mission E concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. With over 590 horsepower, this electric sedan doesn’t have quite as much electric grunt as a Model S, but the claimed 310.7 miles of range would outdo even the latest take on Elon Musk’s four-door with a 90 kWh battery. For those keeping track, a Ludicrous Speed-equipped Tesla might still be the ultimate victor in a drag race because the E’s sprint to 62 takes ‘under 3.5 seconds.'”

Source: Autoblog.com

image porsche mission e exterior rear on the road

On a Mission

We think the numbers they announced in Frankfurt are staggering, considering what’s available in the hybrid/electric powered market of cars on the road today. Which means, that all the R&D Porsche is putting into the development of their LeMans Prototype (919 Hybrid) will surely be paying off, as they enter this new segment of cars for the road. Subtleties of the Mission E hint at many different cars in both Porsche’s lineup, as well as other sports cars on the road today; We see bits of the 911 mixed with a Jaguar Type F in the rear, and a whole lot of 918 Spyder in the front, all wrapped up in a Panamera-esk silhouette. What really makes this car is that it doesn’t look like a ridiculous hybrid, outside of the futuristic electronics pumping the life into the Mission E.

image porsche mission e exterior charging station bay

Charging bay

The charging bay is INSANE, and Porsche says that it will utilize a “800 volt-port” to allow the car to “charge up to 80%” of its battery in roughly “15 minutes”.  This is crucial in the evolution of Electric/Hybrid cars, as people will turn to alternative sources or continue to spend on fuel to avoid a break from their routines. Although, that doesn’t really define a “typical Porsche” owner, which brings us to our next thought… We’re sure that many Porsche purists will continue to groan and snarl at this “abomination”, but you know what we always say, ‘Don’t knock it until you try it!’ We hope to do just that some day.

image porsche mission e interior front cabin

Interior cabin – front

image porsche mission e interior dashboard electronics

LED and Graphic Interface Dashboard

image porsche mission e interior seating

4 doors and 4 single seats

We’re unsure of when the Mission E will hit production, but we’re hoping to see one on the road, ASAP! They hope to lap the Nürburgring in under 8 minutes, so we’re even more eager to find out if it will function like a true Porsche! Undoubtedly, the German automaker is entering a new era of sports car production, and we LOVE IT!

Video of the Porsche Mission E concept:

Here’s where you come in. What do you think about this bold move by Porsche? Does the car look and feel like a Porsche to you, or are they headed in the wrong direction? Will their leap into Electric Vehicles, potentially alienate their customers? Let us know in the comments.

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