Old Man Winter is Killing Our Vibe


We have the winter blues, here’s why

There’s no doubt in our minds that all you future supercar drivers are getting equally as impatient as we are, to go rip a supercar around the racetrack. Which is why we’re NOT happy to say this, but… for the first time in Xtreme Xperience history, we’re unable to host an event due to the probability of snow and near freezing temps. Come on old man winter, it’s friggin’ April already!

Pitt Race Forecast Apr. 6-11, 2016

Pitt Race Forecast Apr. 6-11, 2016

This week we were supposed to be enroute to Pittsburgh Intl Race Complex, one of our favorite tracks. Not only are the drivers that come to Pitt skilled and friendly, but they LOVE SUPERCARS as much as we do! As you can tell, we’re totally bummed that we have to wait all the way until June 9-12 to get out on that lovely stretch of asphalt Pitt Race provides us with every year.

In the spirit of maintaining the highest level of safety for our customers and staff, we were advised to keep the trailers at bay, as the track would be way too cold for us to properly run our Xperience. Assuming you were expecting to drive faster than 50 mph around the racetrack (which we all know, you are). Now, everyone knows that XX is a rain or shine program; if the tarmac isn’t up to temperature, disabling us to get heat in the tires, we then have a recipe for disaster, or just very boring slow speeds. Most of us went through highschool and college spending time in the garage or working on cars, as opposed to acting school. Therefore, we’re simply unable to hop in the right seat, and act like 50 mph is an Xtreme Xperience.

The point we’re trying to drive home with you, is the fact that high performance tires and supercars DO NOT like cold weather & icy conditions. To help us better explain, we’re asking our friends and tire experts at TireRack.com to provide some insight. See below:

As ambient temperatures get colder, typically in the 40-45° Fahrenheit range, summer performance tires lose a noticeable percentage of traction as their tread compound rubber properties change from a pliable elastic to inflexible plastic. The tire industry uses the term “glass transition” to describe the temperature where a summer performance tire’s grip/slip performance changes dramatically. This means the summer performance tires that provide predictable traction in warm to hot conditions will be found to be very challenging to drive in cold to freezing temperatures. This is especially true when the tires first begin to be driven or if the driver aggressively applies gas pedal pressure with today’s turbocharged fours or high-torque sixes and eights. Fortunately, glass transition is a reversible condition that allows the tires’ normal traction to return as the ambient temperatures climb. (Read the full article here > TireRack.com)

Once again, we’re deeply sorry to our Pitt Race drivers, who were expecting to become supercar certified on April 8-9 2016. We’ll be there in a few months, and we’re going to give you the most Xtreme test drive of your life in a 500+ hp supercar on a world class racetrack.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to reserve a drive in an exotic supercar, be sure to give us a call at 866-273-7727.