There is No Substitute for Experience


Forget the reviews, experience a supercar for yourself – at the track.

Managing our social channels is quite entertaining, to say the least. It’s a constant stream of digital high fives (which we love), as well as debunking myths about our program and our cars being driven on a racetrack. But wait… There’s more!

We’ll start this story, by letting you know, this is an opinion piece. What do we know about opinions? That everybody has one… moving on. Opinions from the world of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, provided the fuel for this post and our jobs would be a lot less entertaining without them. Honestly, we love engaging with our community, which is why we welcome the dialogue via social media, and on our blog.

Experience makes the difference.

Photo of xtreme xperience fleet of supercars at COTA with Einstein Quote

There is no other way…

Our man, Albert said it best (above), and we believe in that philosophy. In fact, our (XX) entire existence is built on it. Which is why we give you the opportunity to experience these highly acclaimed cars, for yourself. Therefore, you’re able to tell everyone what it was like to drive the snot out of a Supercar! We’ve certainly put ourselves, and these Supercar manufacturers out there, haven’t we?

Listen, our customers and fans show up with a wide variety of driving experience. Some have never driven a car over 100 mph, others are competitive racers (in one respective motorsport genre or another). The common ground between them is that they’ve never driven a true supercar before. Maybe they have driven a faster car before, or maybe they’ve raced competitively in the past… nevertheless, they’re still there to do one thing; share the experience of driving high-performance, luxurious foreign car on a racetrack at illegal speeds.

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There’s no substitute for experience.

There’s also another area of commonality between the first-timer and a track experienced individual; When you or I look into our garage, it’s highly unlikely that there is a shiny and new Italian or German Supercar, just waiting for you to drive it (wouldn’t that be nice?!). The other things to consider are, the fact that maybe you don’t have access to a racetrack. And if you had access to a track, you’d still need a helmet, tires, and brakes to shred, and fuel to burn. Yeah… I know. Doesn’t sound cheap, does it? Well, we can tell you, that it’s certainly not.

What makes a supercar, SUPER

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How To Get Track Experienced in Just 3 Laps

There’s still an integral component of this discussion. It’s our instructors. You know, the guys/gals crazy enough to sit in the right seat beside you, while diving into turns at triple-digit speeds – FOR THE FIRST TIME? Yeah, those brave souls.

Despite the fact that racetracks are the safest place to get your speed fix, everyone starts out driving with a professional sitting next to them. Whether it’s your high school driving program or your 1st time out on the track, there’s an instructor ready to show you the ropes. The best part is that our instructors show you how to go as fast as you can. This gives you the opportunity to learn basic racing techniques and driving mechanics at speed (such as driving the racing line), while simultaneously experiencing the capabilities of a supercar.

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One of our favorite comments from our customer is that they can “drive the sh*t out of a supercar, and not have to maintain it”. Well, duh! But why’s that a big deal? Many people spend thousands of dollars preparing their streetcars to be able to handle the abuse of driving on a racetrack, and that doesn’t even guarantee them one lap. Good news, we have expert technicians on hand who maintain these cars, day in and day out, ensuring that when you arrive, the only thing you have to do is enjoy the drive.

What this means, is that our cars meet or exceed the regulations imposed by tracks across the U.S. in turn, you don’t have to worry about anything other than keeping your eyes up, and staying on the track. Thus, giving you the option to thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the car. Now that’s what we call, the ULTIMATE TEST DRIVE!


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