Inside Koenigsegg Season 2 – Preparing the Koenigsegg One:1 for its Debut


Christian von Koenigsegg’s One:1 marvels the industry and cements his legacy amongst the likes of Enzo Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini, and Horacio Pagani.


Defined as the first Megacar because of its 1-megawatt power output – for us here in the states that means roughly 1,340 hp – the Koenigsegg One:1 is in fact the most technologically advanced and forward thinking car ever produced. /DriveTV’s exclusive series Inside Koenigsegg Season 2 takes us through the development process of the world’s most powerful hypercar ever conceived.

The reasoning behind Koenigsegg’s immense the-koenigsegg-one-1-3_600x0wpower and performance stems from their research into carbon fiber production and aerodynamics to make their cars as lightweight as possible. As Christian von Koenigsegg explains, the One:1 is all about the aerodynamics and saving weight. From features under the front hood to help move the air over the car to active aerodynamics in the splitters, winglets, under the car’s chassis and in the rear wing – it’s all in an effort to provide the down force needed to keep the power on the road.

In full track mode the One:1’s performance is much like a GT1 car with more than double the power. It’s wireless too. You can access all the car’s data via the cloud and set it up for any driving condition on the fly. While in comfort mode the suspension softens, the ride height raises up and you can enjoy all of its creature comforts like power windows, 6 speaker stereo system, air conditioning and so forth. That is insanely impressive all things considered. Von Koenigsegg himself even states that the production models will be nearly 30 kg lighter than the concept which weighs in at 1,360 kg.


More than 400 components of a Koenigsegg D76A421349BCAED935745A4A1A0BA_h450_w598_m2_q90_cIPAjlqzFare produced using carbon fiber materials and the One:1 is no different. Most of the car is even produced in their warehouse with only few parts being sourced from local shops. One in particular is the rear exhaust, which is the largest 3D printed titanium pieces ever made from a local Swedish company. They’ve also gone as far as 3D printing the turbochargers they’ve developed that have a huge power range which allow the One:1 to have over 1,000 N-m of torque available from below 3,000 rpm to 7,800 rpm.

In only a short time, much like Pagani, Koenigsegg has been able to display their genius and prove themselves amongst the veterans Ferrari and Lamborghini. They’ve even put their vehicles to the test against the godfather Bugatti Veyron and have come out on top.

Koenigsegg’s Agera R has been recorded on video displaying a faster acceleration and a higher top speed of 273 mph. And although the world record is currently held by the Hennessey Venom GT at 270 mph, believe it when we say Koenigsegg will break it. Currently their Agera R holds the record on the Nurburgring’s 2.17-mile long Dottinger Hohe straight reaching 249.54 mph. The One:1 most definitely will have the ability to shatter those records, including their own.


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