Hypercar? Ferrari says FXXK it!


Ferrari cooks up a track monster, releasing the 1000+ hp LaFerrari FXXK

We’ll try to keep expletives to a minimum (but we can’t promise anything), as another rendition of the LaFerrari was just revealed, and it is effin NUTS! Currently, the project has been badged as the LaFerrari FXX K. Like prior XX versions of their supercars, it’s solely going to be part of the Maranello based, “Client-Test-Driver” program. Meaning, we’ll be screwed out of ever seeing one of these beasts on the road. F%$K!!!

Similar to the standard LaFerrari, the FXX K utilizes a naturally aspirated V12 engine in conjunction with an electric motor, which we’re told will produce 1035 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque! Delivering an additional 101 hp compared to the road version. So, why did they add the K? Well, like all other hybrid model cars, you can’t market a hybrid without placing badges on every corner. Right? The K denotes the hybrid race technology, known as Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or KERS. Like other high performance systems (918 RSR, Formula 1), this is a system used to add power back into the electric motor. More power, more fun!

Let’s take a look at this thing for a second…


If the LaFerrari wasn’t striking enough, the FXX K is fitted with a new aero package; made up of additional splitters, ridiculous diffusers, and one hell of a spoiler systems. Ferrari stated that it will generate 50% more downforce over the original LaFerrari’s retractable spoiler. You’re seeing this right?


Crazy! We know! In addition to all the aesthetics, the FXX K is pumped with all the necessary fixings to make it one of the meanest hypercars released, to date. It goes way beyond the aero package, we’re talking about a full race ready package, so insane it’s not even able to be used on the GT circuit!


As we remove our chins from the floor, we have to take a second to reflect on the release of the LaFerrari’s, P1’s and 918’s and say thank you to the supercar gods for keeping the momentum going. If you were thinking that the electric or hybrid powered car would ruin the supercar – you couldn’t be more wrong!






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