How a Formula 1 Car is Made

Red Bull reveals the Infiniti RB9 Formula 1 car

Red Bull & their Formula 1 car the RB9 have been dominating this year’s Formula 1 Series. And who would have thought that they built it to do just that? In their video series “How To Make A Formula 1 Car” the Team Principle, Christian Horner, talks us through the development process of how a formula 1 car is made. From the research & development stages through to the fabrication and final tests before race day.

Oh, and did we mention that it only takes them about five months from start to finish?

The car goes through thousands of design changes, tests, variations, and rebuilds over and over up until race day. Its’ body parts can take days to fabricate out of carbon fiber, and are subjected to the most rigorous tests to ensure it’s perfect. Even the steering wheels are custom made for Sebastien Vettel and Mark Webber.

So far this year the RB9 & Red Bull Racing have had 11 first place finishes out of 17 races, and are nearly 200 points ahead in the Constructor standings. Not to mention that the Red Bull Racing team has had 39 fastest lap records since they entered Formula 1 back in 2005.

Check out Red Bull’s series “How To Make A Formula 1 Car” just to see how much work goes into these incredible machines.

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