7 Father’s Day Gift Experiences He’ll Never Forget


Don’t let your dad down. Here’s how to make him proud this Father’s Day! 

You know the big guy will be happy with a card and hug, but on occasion, a little effort goes a long way. We’re talking about quality time, maximum effort and something he will enjoy. 

Just because you’re giving a gift, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the experience as well. Don’t you buy your dad that Harley you always wanted, in hopes he’ll let you hold onto the keys… There are better ways to go about this. That’s why we chose some unique gift ideas that you can experience with dad, just like the good old days. On top of that, you can purchase them right from your couch. 

These 7 gift ideas will make any Father’s Day unforgettable. 

The Big Leagues

Remember playing little league, and your dad asked you to try your hand as you can to knock one out of the park? Those memories were priceless, and it’s time to create some more of them. In this case, you don’t need to dust off the cleats… leave this one up to the pros. 

big league tours group at baseball game

Big League Tours Group – Fenway Park

A group by the name of Big League Tours has partnered with the MLB to organize VIP trips to multiple stadiums around the USA. You and Dad can experience private tours of the stadiums, meet players, sit in top-notch seats, and much more. Here’s the best part; they even take care of all the travel and lodging, ranging from 3 to 9 nights. Not your typical day at the ballpark. 

Brew and Renew

Maybe your Dad would rather chill out with a cold one, as opposed to flag down a beer guy at the ballpark (above). If this is the case, we found a Midwest-based Spa (there are others around the country as well) that will pamper you and serve up the proper amount of libations, ensuring dad gets to his happy place in no time. 

beer bath soak foot files

Beer bath soak

The Spa is located in “Beer City” USA, aka Grand Rapids, MI and offers two sud-soaking options: 

  1. Brew Pedicure – 50 minutes: “Beer footbath, invigorating scrub, hot towels, cooling mask, massage, cuticle and nail care, along with one beer to enjoy during the pedicure.
  2. Brew Polish and Massage – 80 minutes: “Beer-inspired body scrub followed by an aromatherapy massage and a gift card to enjoy one beer of your choice.

[Hat tip: Katie Lara]

Editor’s Choice

Some dads are busy dudes. Whenever possible, they’d prefer to spend some quality time around the house. You know what, that’s okay. In my case, Dad’s more of a DIY kind-of-guy as well. As a kid, I always worked beside my dad on house projects or on the family grocery getter. Oddly enough, Father’s Day was often when he chose to complete said projects. Lucky me 😉

Instead of buying him another power tool that sits in a drawer, I’ve opted to re-build something with him this year. 

homer simpson confused gif

HELP! I might need reinforcements.

In our case, our shed is rough shape, and all the wooden panels of the exterior are warped. Time to roll up my sleeves, grab a few cold ones, and head out to the yard to show my old man how it’s done! We always had a great time completing projects together. As he’s grown older and I’m away from home, this is a perfect opportunity to spend some time helping out and building another memory with pops. 

  • Where to find: Your house! 
  • Cost: In my case, nothing. Just some time and energy. 

Time To Get Medieval!

On occasion, getting “old school” goes a further beyond cassette tapes and a corded house phone. In the spirit of getting the tools out of the shed (above)…Did you know you and dad can take a blacksmith course and/or a knife sharpening class? Fire. Metal. Hammers. OH MY!

We had no idea classes for these different craftsman skills existed, and we’re excited to share. In this case, we found a few different experiences for any dad. We found several options around the US. However, there are few we recommend. 


  • Blacksmith & Bladesmithing courses:
    • Carter Handforged Knives is an Oregon based company that makes all types of knives using Japanese bladesmithing techniques. The course is taught in-house by Murray Carter, a master smith. His classes are limited to four people per course, and vary depending on your interests and of course, budget.
      • Costs: Range from $2,000 to $9,900
      • Where: Oregon, USA
      • More info HERE
    • The Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center (CAFAC) offers you the chance to sign up for several different courses. Such as the Blacksmithing Project Shop, which incorporates all basic blacksmith processes into one project – making your bottle top opener. You even get to use it afterward on an ice-cold beverage. 
      • Costs: The basic course starts at $65 a person
      • Where: Minnesota, USA
      • More info HERE
knife sharpening course SF Cooking

Knife and Wet Stone

  • Knife Sharpening Course:
    • San Francisco Cooking School is a state of the art culinary arts center that offers you to take home some education, without being a student. Whether you’re a home chef or have a dull blade at home, you and dad can both benefit from the proper methods of blade sharpening by the owner of Town Cutler, Galen Garretson. The materials needed to sharpen your knife are included and can be taken home with you, so you and dad can share your new skills with the family. 
      • Costs: This course costs $100 per person
      • Where: California, USA
      • More info HERE.

Next time you’re pops is ready for a nice juicy steak and a beer; you can bust out your handmade knife or bottle opener and relive this Father’s Day! How cool would that be? 

Get Xtreme

No Father’s Day would ever be complete, without a trip to the racetrack for an Xtreme Xperience. Each year we make our Father’s Day Celebration bigger and bigger. Why? That’s because we’re hoping that we get the chance to hangout trackside with you and your dads. We’ve seen dads cry, sons cry, and lots of grunting and high fives. It’s the best! 

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