Corporate Case Study: Leave 200 prospects with a lasting impression in just 2 days.


How Dealer Inspire hacked the NADA conference to generate new business.

Dealer Inspire (DI) is on a mission to disrupt the auto-dealer industry by providing a full suite of online solutions that improve the customer buying experience and help dealers sell more. So, when the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) hosted its annual convention in New Orleans, attracting over 10,000 dealers under one roof, Dealer Inspire had the opportunity to demonstrate their technology to a targeted audience. But, how did Dealer Inspire break through the clutter of thousands of vendors to get their prospects’ undivided attention? Invite them to a nearby racetrack, toss them the keys to Xtreme Xperience’s fleet of exotic cars to drive on track, then demo their product to a captive audience. 

To do this, Dealer Inspire developed a program called the “Xtreme Demo”.

Acura NSX at Dealer Inspire event at NOLA

Introducing the Xtreme Demo to a targeted audience at NADA:

dealer inspire email campaign xtreme demo nada

Xtreme Demo Email Campaign

As Dealer Inspire’s prospects arrived to our permanent location at NOLA Motorsports Park, they had the opportunity to capitalize on their time with these individuals by spending over 40 minutes with the participants. This had a lasting effect, as the individuals later returned to the NADA conference floor, buzzing from the Xtreme Demo event. Ultimately, this began to generate foot traffic to their booth.

Bring the prospects to you. Now, why hasn’t anyone ever thought of that before? 

female participant dealer inspire event with xtreme at NOLA

This unconventional approach of hosting an off-site event – relevant to their industry – provided DI with an unrivaled amount of time in front of NADA attendees and potential new clients. This combination allowed DI to essentially “hack” the NADA conference. Not to mention the fact that all those who joined had the rare chance of checking “drive a supercar” off of their bucket lists. 

male participant from dealer inspire event at nola with xtreme

“Dealer owners were excited to attend, because even though they might be familiar with these cars, they never get to really experience them. Let alone, drive them on a racetrack in New Orleans of all places.” – Matthew Cole (VP/Co Founder, Dealer Inspire)

Did Dealer Inspire’s private event achieve its goals? 

Not only did the Xtreme Demo event allow DI to further develop some key relationships in the industry, Colleen Lieberstein of Dealer Inspire reported that the two-day event “lead to several contracts, which are now in the works.” It sounds like they got in front of the right audience, at the right time, and in the right place. Additionally, their Xtreme Demo must have resonated with them as well. 

Dealer inspire group of participants with xtreme xperience at NOLA

As for the lasting impression they hoped to make, here’s what a participant said about the Xtreme Demo event:

This is the second best experience of my life, next to my daughter being born.”

WHOA!!! We’ll take that as a yes. 

male participant thumb up with yellow ferrari 458 from dealer inspire event at NOLA

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