Do Exotic Cars Belong on a NASCAR track? Vlog Ep. 2


Tune-in-Tuesday is in full effect! We take on another famous NASCAR road course in the heart of the South.

Join Alyssa, Joe, and Mikey as they attempt to find out if supercar drivers like the view from the infield of Atlanta Motor Speedway. 

WATCH: We take on the tight winding infield of Atlanta Motor Speedway




atlanta motor speedway xtreme xperience fleet supercars exotic fleet of cars

The XX fleet from the pits of AMS

This was our first time running on our event at AMS. We were tasked with making last-minute changes to our configuration upon arrival to the track. Which meant, we needed to double check safety and the instructors needed to cone the track to determine how to properly instruct from the right seat. 

atlanta motors speedway ferrari xtreme xperience in pit black

So, the question remains: Whether you have driven with us or not, do you think supercars belong on NASCAR tracks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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