ProTips: Driving a Supercar at NJMP


Prepare for your drive at New Jersey Motorsports Park

Sitting on more than 500 acres in Millville, NJ, New Jersey Motorsports Park is the premier motorsports entertainment complex in the Northeast. The 1.9-mile northern circuit, known as Lightning Raceway, is a fast and challenging course that features some of the most interesting and dramatic corners and elevation changes in the park. The course features 10 turns exciting for enthusiasts of any skill level.

Being said there are some strict rules that we must follow while hosting events in NJ, and if you plan to attend, it’s in your greatest interest to read the information below. Especially if you’re under the age of 18, and are not familiar with the dress code for the track. 

How to speed your way from the parking lot through the finish line.

New Jersey Motorsports Park is located at 8000 Dividing Creek Rd, Millville, NJ 08332.

Your reserved time is your Xtreme Xperience check-in time. Please be at our check-in tent at the time you reserved, and have your driver’s license out and ready. Reminder: NJMP is in the Eastern time zone. 

At NJMP you must sign their liability waivers at the main guard gate before you are able to park your vehicle; give yourself an extra 15 minutes for this process.

There are no fees to park at NJMP.

Parking is on the skid pad to the West of the Lightning scoring tower. Please follow our flags and parking signs and be courteous not to block in other guests. 
Once parked, proceed to the Check-in area and have your driver’s license ready!

IMPORTANT: Per New Jersey State law, minors (anyone under 18) can not enter the Pit Area. There are other areas they can spectate from, but the Pit Area is NOT one of them. We apologize for any inconvenience; we do uphold this state ordinance. 

FREE spectator viewing is available along the fence line at NJMP (there is a small picnic space), or a small set of bleachers showcasing some track turns. Minors are welcome in these areas. 
Any XX branded area after check-in is considered the “Pit Area” and adults will need a spectator pass.

VIP Pit Pass access ($10 per adult) provides closer spectator viewing in the pit area. Tented seating, close photo opportunities, and waters are included in the Pit Pass, but cannot be promised for free spectator areas. *Minors are not allowed in the Pit Area at NJMP.*

Dogs are allowed but must be leashed 100% of the time, no exceptions.   

After checking in with Xtreme Xperience you will be asked to attend a driver’s briefing. This class begins at the 0:20 of every hour, and lasts around 25 minutes.

At NJMP the driver’s classroom is indoors; the “Lightning Classroom” is located at the South end of the Lightning Building. 
As our program is always evolving and safety is always strengthening, it is required that every driver (no matter how many times you have enjoyed our program) attend the driver’s briefing. No exceptions.

*As long as there is room for all drivers to sit, friends and family are welcome in class. Please respect that this class is for the safety of the drivers, and while we encourage a family-friendly atmosphere Drivers MUST be able to both see and hear the instructor presentation. Please give up your seats for drivers, silence phones, and take noisy children out of the classroom area. We appreciate your cooperation.

There are concessions available at NJMP. There is a small venue at the Lightning track and a larger venue at Main Office building; both should accept cash or credit

You are welcome to bring your own food and drink (non-alcoholic). Waters are provided to Pit Pass holders. 

IMPORTANT: Per New Jersey State law everyone entering the property must wear long pants, closed-toed shoes, and sleeved shirts. Short sleeves are OK but tank tops are not permitted. This rule applies to EVERYONE (drivers, riders, spectators, employees, etc.). 

Even if you are not entering the Pit Area you must abide by the dress code. We apologize for any inconvenience but we do get monitored by State Police and will be upholding this policy. 
This event is outdoors (no covered pit). Though we provide tented areas we ALWAYS encourage that you dress for weather possibilities (heat, cold, or rain).

We are a rain or shine experience so on average, our experiences are not postponed and refunds are not provided due to inclement weather (as long as track conditions remain safe). A day-of reschedule request is a $100 fee, unless we have postponed.

If we postpone an event you will be alerted via Email and text message by 7am the morning of, and we have up to 12 months to provide a reschedule date at a track location close to you. Please visit our FAQ for more information on postponements or cancellations.

How to Conquer NJMP’s Lightning Raceway Like a Pro 

njmp lightning raceway track map labeled

NJMP Lightning Raceway Track Map

NJMP has several tracks at their facility, ranging from multiple racetracks to karting tracks. It’s one of the reasons why we really enjoy visiting the track. The configuration we use for our event here is Lightning Raceway. This 1.9-mile track has everything from long straights, to blind corners, to long sweeping turns to really feel all of what it is like driving a supercar on a racetrack. To get the most out of this track, we are going to cover each turn and go into detail for 3 of the most important sections of this track.

  • Let’s start as we exit pit lane. You will enter the track from the right side and merge to your left as you approach a series of esses. The initial turns you get to, Turn 2 and 3 (T2 and T3), are both right-hand turns and should be treated like one continuous corner. You then give a slight brake before turning left for T4. As you exit the turn to your right, you approach your first challenge.
  • Turn 5 is very difficult the first time you are on track because it is a blind turn. You will approach the turn along the right side of the track. As you clip past this first apex cone on your right side, you will release from that side and begin your straight line braking out to the outer left side of the track.
    • Here you will find a turn-in cone which should be used as your reference point under braking to head towards. Remember, look where you want to go and the car will follow. As you release the brake and turn toward the crest of the hill on your right side, you will see an apex cone on the top of the hill. Be easy as you roll on the throttle over the hill as this is an easy place for the back end to step out due to the sudden drop off on the other side of the hill. From there, finish the turn by tracking all the way out to your left.
  • Following T5, you will accelerate around T6, under the bridge and into a hard braking zone for T7.
  • Following this hard left-hand turn, you will accelerate through the mild left-hander, T8, and begin your braking into T9.
  • Turn 9 is a tough turn to get perfect and is the turn that will dictate your speed down the front straight. To get it right, begin your braking zone on the left side of the track. As you see the turn getting closer and closer, you will need to fight your instinct to turn early and instead wait until the turn-in cone on your left side.
    • Once you begin your turn, hang around mid-track at the beginning before dropping all the way to the bottom as you fly past the green apex cone on your inside right. At this point, release the inside and let the car begin to drift outwards toward the track out cone on your left. This is a very long turn, so do not rush any part of it, and remember, slow in is fast out!
  • After you track out of T9, keep the wheel slightly turned as you will be closing in on the blind crest that is T10. Keep the car right of center as you track out of this slight right-hand bend until you start to feel comfortable with where the edge of the track is and how quickly it comes up. This is a high-speed section and dropping a tire here can spell trouble.
  • As you crest the hill leading onto the front straight, your pit in is on the right. Keep that in mind for when you finish your session. As you pass start/finish, you are hard on the brakes. This will be the heaviest braking zone on the course and leads you into your final challenging section. Turn 1.
  • Turn 1 is an uphill right-hand turn that has a blind exit. Tracking out too far left is a common mistake and can be avoided by taking your first lap through this section a little slower to learn where to place the car. Another tip for nailing this turn is to have as late of a turn in as possible. This will set you up with a later apex and a straighter exit onto the short straight as you head back down towards the braking zone for T2.

Watch: Here’s how you put it all together on track.

This completes a full lap around Lightning Raceway at New Jersey Motorsports Park. To summarize the 3 hardest parts of this track (in order of which you will see them):

  1. Be careful with turn 5, as the sudden elevation change at the end can upset the car.
  2. Turn 9 will take some patience as it is very long and requires acceleration while turning, something we normally do not recommend.
  3. Turn 1, the fast uphill right-hand turn that can trick you into thinking there is more room on the outside than you have due to the blind exit.

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